Apartment Boat Contest Winners
First Place
and winner of a one year subscription to Duckworks

Entry 5

Ducknest Canoe
Ozkal Ozsoy

Second Place
and winner of 6 months of Duckworks

Entry 1

Nesting Dinghy 2.0, 3.0
Dana Munkelt

Third Place
winning 3 months of Duckworks

Entry 6

Studio Pram
Brian Hughes

What the judges said:

John Welsford

In judging a contest such as this there are inevitably good efforts that don’t make the top slot, disappointment for some and disagreement with the judges from others. I enjoy making my choices but hate having to tell those who miss out that their much loved creation has not won the prize.

All of these entries are good efforts, each in their own way, and all are deserving of a pat on the back. Well done all, I love the lot of them and would really like to see some of them built.

Gavin Atkin

All the boats passed the basic test: they would all function as boats (many of them very well),
they're all perfectly buildable, and they all pack down into a small space, particularly when you consider how much boat they offer.

Jim Michalak

Any of them might work as well as the next. I think it would take real use of real prototypes to really tell which is best.