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We have decided to host a messabout in South Texas.  It will be on Saturday, May 17 at Bird Island Basin in the Padre Island National Seashore, near Corpus Christi Texas. Click HERE for more information

From: Amateur Boatbuilding

Our site is upgraded and waiting for your visit with new content, boat plans, boatbuilding albums etc.

- Amateur Boatbuilding Staff

Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. - Pittsfield, NH - announces expansion in its family of Corro Coat FC 2100 epoxies. FC 2100 epoxy contains Kevlar (tm) microfibers and feldspar ceramic for toughness, wear resistance and durability as well as sag resistance during application. The epoxy is solvent free and both the 'regular' and new novolac versions are non-hazmat to ship and can be applied by brush or roller on dry surfaces or even underwater.

Contact info: Paul Oman - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. web:;

My friend Perry and I created a new sailing club: Puddle Duck Sailing

Free club, promoting daysailing, weekend overnighting, and messabouts. Not trying to replace any of the other groups, just trying to create an additional forum to find other sailors, and welcome all types of sailboats.


PS-This duck was making a polytarp sail, had a little accident.

Dear Chuck,

Every once and a while a thouroughly intriguing idea comes along. Most times, you've gotta' wonder, but I think this one's worth looking at.

I was listening to Radio Netherlands tonite when I heard a science article broadcast about a new wood technology. Environmentally sound, cost effective, usefull... 'platonization'.

It seems a Dutch company has found a way to turn softwoods such as pine, spruce and poplar into hardwoods. On top of which, and here's the thing, it purports to be completely rot resistant. It isn't adored by any bacteria, algae, fungii, or even insects for that matter. It seems the process is akin to steam bending.

The person being interviewed said they knew there were many potential applications for a wood like this, but they probably hadn't envisioned them all. He suggested window frames, and fence posts. At any rate, I could think of several rot resistant hardwood out of softwood applications, and I'm sure your readers could think of a few more.

If you're interested, link to:

for those that have streaming audio, the interview is worth listening at:

many thanks for your great site.

Bruce Gordon

We had 32 inches of snow, what a pain. The picture of the Wyoming gives you an idea how much that is:

Maybe if we get enough water at our lake next year when we launch, I can talk a some people into having a messabout to introduce the boat.

As far as subscribing to Duckworks, just let me know where to pay, I wouldn't want to lose out on anything!

Jeff Blunk