Craig McEwan is off to a great start on his Bruce Roberts 19. You will be amazed at the functionality and thought that is going into this boat.

Andy Anderson is a fan of traditional small craft, so when he saw that Jim Michalak had designed a sneakerbox, he had to build a model.

Building a Paradox by a Beginner
Derek Clark may not have a lot of boatbuilding experience but he reads extesnively and he thinks about what he is doing.

1942-Bird Class
Tom Gale is always adopting "bargain" boats to fix up and then sending me photos of them. I thought these pictures were striking enough to include here.

Kids like boats - especially small one-man boats where they can be captain. Marc Bourassa and his sons built two such boats and Marc sent this report:

How To

Making Spline Weights
Do you like to design boats? Then you probably need some spline weights. In this article, Steven Roberts shows you everything you need to know.

Cheap Cleats
Did you know you can make good jamb cleats from scrap tubing? Martin Welby describes this simple process so you can make some too.

A Polytarp Junk Rig
People who have tried Junk rigs claim they are safe and easy to use. Mike Mulcahy shows you all you need to know to make one from polytarp.

Rope Wrapping for Oars 101
Here is a simple yet effective way to protect your oars. Pat Patteson gives step by step instructions for doing your own rope wrap.


Everglades Challenge - Part 1
Here is a pictorial essay of my recent EC experience. I wrote a rather longish article for Small Craft Advisor and this is meant to illustrate that story.

EC Report
Gary Blankenship and I had a great time in the Everglades Challenge. In this report he talks about what did and didn't work on the boat and with us.

Everglades Challenge - Part 2
The first part of this report covers the pre-race activities - this part covers the race itself.


Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 2
Every year or so, Max Wawrzyniak completely refurbishes an old outboard motor and documents it in these pages. There are lots of good lessons here.

Sofala, A Big Little Ship
Roy McBride sent us this from Ian Allen. It is the story of the midnight rescue of a Tahiti Ketch with plenty of danger and shady characters to go around.

Make Way for Ron's "Lady of Fortune"
Mark Steele describes how 'Pyrate Ron' and his big radio controlled square rigger occasionally sets out to plunder the local pond fleet.

Nearly Drowning Without Getting Your Head Wet
Do you think you always make good decisions around boats? Derek made a bad decision once and learned a good lesson from the resulting experience.

Wear Your Life Jacket
You know you should wear a life jacket any time you are in your boat, but do you? Harriet Howard gives us some more information on the subject.

Yard Sale Tools
You already know that Rob Rohde-Szudy is so cheap he makes almost everything from scratch. Now he tells you how to buy tools cheap and what to look for.


Interview with a Dreamer
Not long ago we published an article about Harley Harlson and his pending record-breaking circumnavigation. Now read our interview.

Mosquito Coast Adventure
Here is a tale that will get your blood pumping. Bob Means has built boats all over the world and he has been in some tight places too.

Lee and Katie Martin are active boaters. Recently they visited the west coast of Mexico and send this report. There is good, practical information here.


The Optimist Dinghy
Is a wood/epoxy composite boat faster than its fiberglass equivalent? In this case Roy McBride found out that it was.

Pacific Troller Dory
You might have seen this little boat in a recent issue of Outdoor Life Magazine. It's by my friend Paul Butler who has been doing this sort of thing for a while.

Laura Bay - Part 2
In the second Part of Warren Messer's construction guide, he talks about taping the joints. This is good information to apply to any boat with taped joints.

Looking for a pocket cruiser? Have you thought about building in steel? Consider this redesign of Sam Rabl's Picaroon from the board of Wes Farmer.

Phoenix 3
Has Ross Lillistone designed and built the perfect row/sail/outboard beachcruiser of minimum dimensions and weight? Decide for yourself.