Review: System Three Silvertip GelMagic
Naturally, Bob Throne need glue for his new cruiser project. We had him try this new self-thickening glue from System Three. Here is his report.

Book Review
Gary Blankenship reviews David Nichols brand new book: "The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails - A How-to Handbook for Builders and Owners".


Sea-Dog Rudder Control Foot Braces
Chris Rowan bought and installed some of our Foot Braces and has a definite opinion about them. Read his product review to see what it is.


Radians Magnifier Glasses Review
Having trouble seeing the buttons on your VHF or GPS? How about the screens? Here is a review from Jack Panter about something that may help.


Review: The Woodworking Shop
Rob Rohde-Szudy has found a gem in the rough. Its a book from Percy Blandford that is available cheap and is a great resource for boat builders too.


Review - Boatbuilding for Beginners
I happen to think this is the best book ever written for someone thinking about building their first boat. Rob Rohde-Szudy does too. Read his complete review.

Sand Shark
Have you seen this tool and wondered if it would make a good addition to your shop? Wonder no more as Chuck Gottfried has reviewed this tool here.

Band of Brothers
Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last three decades, you know about Alexander Kent's work. Joseph Ditler reviews his latest book.


The Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow
A good book review makes you really want to read the book in question. Here is a good book review from Michael Birch.


Pirates on the Wall
Here is a great idea for Christmas. Joe Ditler has written a review of an unusual calendar - one with pirates and, more importantly, pirate ships.