February - 2007

The Building of my Harmonica "Gypsy"
This is the first part of a series of articles by Bill Nolen in which he describes building a Harmonica, Jim Michalak's little 13 by 5 foot mini-shanty boat.

AF4 Update
Mike Russon's buddy gave him a bunch of the carbon fiber that they use to reinforce interstate pillars, so of course, he used it on his AF4.

Jock River Solo Paddling Punt
Is there a canoe race you want to enter but you don't have a boat? You can do what William Watt did and build one of these little paddling punts.

Bob Trygg has built enough boats to know what he wants and when John Welsford's little solo cruiser was not exactly right, he made some small changes.

Preparations for the 2007 Watertribe Challenge
There is a lot to getting ready for an Everglades Challenge campaign, especially if you build your own boat. David Wicks takes us through his efforts.

Pirate Ship
Arrrr. Avast ye scurvy dogs and feast yer eyeballs on this here tall tale from peg-leg Tom Maurer. If ye don't we'll keelhaul ya and you'll walk the bloody plank too.

Captain Lauren launches Papa's River Runner
Sometimes grandkids aren't old enough to really participate in the launching of a new boat, but as Ben Philips shows us, there are other ways to "launch".

How To

On The Virtues of the Fuselage-Frame Skin Boat
If you think Skin-on-Frame kayaks are old fashioned, listen to what Ross Miller has to say. It seems that with modern materials, this is not your father's boat.

Designing NACA 0000 Foil Sections
In the third part of Warren Messer's series on making Rudders and Daggerboards he goes into the theory and the software he used in designing the shapes.

Building Bimini Frames
Need a bimini for your boat but don't think you can make one? Lee Martin shows you the hard parts and gives a bit of encouragement for the rest.

Trailer Repair
Before Lee Martin headed for the questionable roads of Mexico, he needed to upgrade and repair the trailer under his new Dovekie. Here is what he did:

Just Scraping Along
Long time boat builder and DIY writer Paul Butler has sent us this definitive article to help us introduce the addition of scrapers to our store.


Carping the Diem with Capt. Ron
Whether he is waxing poetic or philosophical, Stacy Smith sure has a way with words. He makes a day fishing with a friend seem like a two week vacation.

White River Arkansas Outing
Larry Pullon and his brother were planning a camping fishing trip on the Buffalo and White rivers. Their plans did not work out exactly, but they had a great trip!

Largest Fish Caught From a PDRacer
This story from David "Shorty" Routh is more of a heart-warming father/daughter fishing story than it is a world Record trophy fishing expedition account.


We're Gonna Pump You UP!
Most outboard motors are water cooled and that is where the trouble begins. Fortunately, Max Wawrzyniak has lots of good info on the subject.

Some things cruisers might want to think about
Charlie Whipple has spent well over a year working on his around the world cruiser. You can imagine that he has had some time to think about the cruise itself.

The mess that man maketh, yet there is still pleasure to be found!
Mark Steele helps bring in the new year with some philosophy and some model boating.

Sewing for Manly Men - Part 2
In the second part of Rob Rohde-Szudy's series, he talks about sewing machines: what kind to get, where to get them and how to keep them running.


Mark V-28
If you were tempted by Mark Van Abbema's big 39 foot sharpie houseboat but felt it was just too big a project, wait until you see his new 28 footer.

Sweetie - A Square Rigged Boat
What do you do if your son breaks up with his girlfriend and can't finish a 53 foot boat? If you are Wayne Tedder, you finish it yourself.

Prototype For A Kure
Designing a new skin-on-frame kayak can be fun but Joel Fleischer knows that when you are doing it for a good cause, it can be heartwarming as well.

Cheap Skate Boat
Harold Duffield is back to make another pitch for aluminum boats and I have to tell you, he makes a lot of sense. Listen to what he has to say.


The Peace That Then Comes
poem by Michael Birch




Nylon Hinges

Foam Brushes

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