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XCR in the Tetons

This just in from Kellan Hatch on his return from The Tetons and Jackson Lake. More photos to follow, along with movies of the XCR sailing. For those who do not know, the boat pictured was designed and built by me and then sold to the present owner for his planned adventure trips with his wife, or with his two sons.

Kellan has plans to take the boat on several trips a year all over the western US and used this cruise to iron-out a few of the details about needed gear, etc.

Soon, I'll have an article up on the website with comments from Kellan, his wife Lily and Kellan's sailing friend Michael Jackson, who sails a Hobie Adventure Island.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design

6M Whaler

Hi chuck,

Here are some photos of the new Welsford 6m Whaler we are building for us. I have a New Navy whaler rig we are going to use on her with an electric Auxiliary.

And a Cedar strip Canadian Canoe we have just finished that is going to be sent to Switzerland to its owner


Angela and Peter Murton
Murton's Timbercrafts
425 Moutere Highway
RD 1
Richmond 7081
New Zealand

workaholic sailor...

submitted by Jack P

Duckworks spritsail in NY Harbor


Here are a couple of action shots of the spritsail you made for my Sea Bright skiff. As you can see, it sets well.

Thanks, Andy

Greg's Multihull Antics

Hi all,

I have had a number of requests for photos and updates of where I'm at.

Owl, my little Wharram cat has now been hauled for the winter so that distraction is now put aside for a little while.

I built the hard-back for the frames in may/june and scarfed all the stringers for the main hull together on it before setting up the main hull frames. They were set up and aligned in June/July around re-curring bouts of some sort of cold-bug. Definitely not Swine Flu according to the quack, but it may as well have been:-). I fitted the keel stringers a couple of weeks ago and have been building the stem assembly - glueing the last of that in today. Once thats gone off I can start fitting the rest of the stringers. She's already starting to look a bit more like a boat rather than a collection of bits. Although still a long way to go yet.

Some piccies attached.


Restored Canoe

I restored an old fibreglass canoe and am rigging it for sailing (photo attached)

I expect to test it about the end of July and submit an article at the end of the season.
William R Watt

Saturday Morning

Hi Chuck,

Saturday about 7 am from our front dock.

Unfortunately, after such a spectacular start to the day, by 10 am the winds were howling and no sailing for me.





Since Skip and I built my paddle for the CR100 last year I have wanted to make another paddle.  I am working on a single blade for this year's CR100.

I will be competing solo and currently have a ZRE paddle but wanted to make one to have as a backup.  I may use it as the primary paddle but that will depend on the water levels. 

Here are some pictures for you to view.  I'll include more along with an article prior to the start of the CR100.


Sailing with Grandkids

Last weekend 2 grands from CO were here at their mom's mom's cottage on a 2 mile long, half mile wide, typical S MI lake. I sailed w/ them Saturday & Monday.

Hugh Horton

Canoe Trip

Submitted by Jack P

First Time Sailing


See attached image...after viewing you may want to quit selling sails to people who can't do a proper job of setting them up.... ;-)

This was Patty's first time doing the sailing. Monday night we went for a after supper sail and as soon as I got us away from shore gave her the tiller and mainsheet. It was warm and nearly calm with occasional breezier periods. She had a great time tacking back and forth in front of the main beach area and cabins lining the shore. I think this was when all the sawdust and frustration with me spending all my time in the garage became worth it to her. We had a lazy cruise for about an hour and it was wonderful.



Celebration of Wooden Boats

Grafton - Friday 6th and
Saturday 7th Nov 2009

An invitation for anyone with a wooden boat to participate. Be it a canoe, kayak, sailing boat, speedboat, or steam boat, bring it along for both static and on-the-water displays. This is a great opportunity to display your pride and joy on the mighty Clarence River and take part in the 75th Grafton Jacaranda festival. Prizes will be awarded.

Owners of boats over 8m in length will need to provide public liability insurance. All owners are asked to provide to the organisers an A4 sheet of the particulars of their boat. It is recommended that participants arrive on the preceding Thursday to avoid the rush and also to take part in Thursdays “Jacaranda Day” celebrations.

Friday  Venetial Carnival Flotilla
2:00pm – 3:00pm Meet & Greet, Corcoran Park, Kirchner St (enter via Villiers St)
4:00pm – 5:00pm Boat launching & Marshalling
5:00pm – 6:00pm Venetian Carnival Celebration of Wooden Boats, Crown Hotel
Saturday  Boat Displays & Grand Float Procession
8:00am – 1:00pm Display of boats for the public at Corcoran Park Gold coin donation for entry
1:00pm – 2:00pm BBQ lunch, Corcoran Park
4:00pm – 6:00pm Marshalling and the Grand Float Procession

Proudly brought to you by the Jacaranda Festival Committee

Greg Spies 0408 420 623 02 6643 0228
Nick Westman 0428 231 068 02 6643 4563


Dear SailTrac User,

Within the next few weeks TravelTrac (parent company of SailTrac) will be releasing for beta testing our innovative iPhone Application for use with SailTrac.

We are looking for users willing to participate in testing this one touch simple process for adding and updating your trip and travel adventures.

If you own a new 3G S iPhone with OS 3.0 or an older iPhone model that you have upgraded to the OS 3.0 software and want to be part of this pilot program please send a reply.  We are accepting only 10 “test pilots” for this beta launch that will permit the addition of trips, updating and adding position reports, journal entries, photos, and video.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas!

John Noller

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