• July Letters

  • The Mangrove Jack 3.65 - Part Three
    The boat is finished, painted and the legal stuff is on. The concept is now a reality and the boat performs just like it did in the dream.

    10' long, they emailed, Sleep aboard for a weekend. It should daysail an adult and two children. Really easy to build in a garage, and small enough to not need an expensive trailer or a big car to tow it. Here it is...

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Another round up of model sailboats new from Mark Steele.


  • July Splash

  • The Ollie Punt ...and other Half-Sheet Boats - Pt 2
    The ukulele headed paddle is a reasonably efficient form of propulsion. Don't worry I didn't use real ukuleles... This is part two of the Ollie punt.

    Koko - Part Two
    Jake (my dog) and I left Tuesday's campsite too late to catch the early milder winds. Very soon I realized I'd be lucky to hang on...

    Koko - Part One
    We had the largest group ever, 24 souls by Dewitt's tally. Join us on the 09 Kokopelli.

  • July Reports & The Treasure Chest

  • Andrew OBX 130 - Part Three
    It was still blowing like stink and raining puppies, so I figured my gear would be safe enough for me to make a quick run back to camp and grab some food.

    Andrew OBX 130 - Part Two
    The winds had increased overnight, shrieking through the rigging and filling the seas with 'white horses.'

    Andrew OBX 130 - Part One
    The drive had been grueling, but it had been a different kind of gruel than that which was to follow over the next five days.

    Chuck's OBX 130 Photo Essay - Part Two
    Part two of the OBX130 photo essay. Find out what happened on a trip that turned out to be quite a challenge.

    Chuck's OBX 130 Photo Essay - Part One
    Chuck presents a pictorial essay fresh from the OBX130.

    Our Young Navy - Part Three
    'As the big strong frigates inspired by Joshua Humphreys were taking shape, Josiah Fox and William Doughty continued designing ships'. Paul continues to look at America's early ships.

  • July Webwatch

  • The Jolly Olly - Part Two
    Part two of the pirate rampage. This time we get to see the finihsed result. Looks like fun.

    The Jolly Olly - Part One
    It's not a lot of plywood, but it is a whole lot of fun. Today an Aussie tells us how to make a mini pirate ship.

    Gavin Atkin designed this canoe a little while ago, but it was recently rediscovered by a reader. So here it is again for those who have not seen it or for those who would like to see it again.

    TOTER-2 Sponsons
    Ken has tweaked the Toter-2 design a little and created some sponsons for it. If you are considering building a Toter-2, this is a must read article. If not, what a good idea sponsons are and they work a treat.

    Money for Old Rope
    This article tells you how to get someone to give you good money for old rope. You do have to play with it a bit first.

    Ebihen 15/16
    Another great design by François Vivier. It can be built in two lengths with several rig options.

    Rechargeable Tool Rehabilitation - Part 2
    This article is the second part of the series on what to do with those dead battery drills. Last time we looked at replacing and repairing battery packs in rechargeable tools.

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