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  • August Letters

  • Mermaid Clock
    Here's a different project. Make yourself or someone else a scoll saw clock. 25 Free Patterns go with this article.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

    Storage Bag for Canoe-Skin
    I always wanted a foldable-canoe.

    Row Camping
    I would like to start with a tale of a 40 mile row camping trip.


  • August Splash

  • Building Sagita: A John Welsford Truant
    I like small, open boats with traditional sail rigs, and sailing for me has to be simple, fun, and inexpensive.

    Harley 8+
    This boat was built as a “prop” for a week long performance at the Bristol Baptist Church.


  • August Reports

  • Toto
    The very first time I saw the Toto plans I kind of fell for the shape, but I'd set my mind on a strip build so Toto was out. That was 2009.

    Skylark's Dolly
    I built and started sailing my Skylark 6 in 2006 and never really thought about building a dolly for it until recently.

    Back on New Years day I was looking forward to what I hope will be the best years sailing that I've had in a very long time.


  • August Treasure Chest

  • West again and the Big Easy
    We drug bottom leaving the marina even though we left at high tide.

    Start Sailing @ 60
    A few months ago, I put up a forum on Yahoo Groups called Start Sailing @ 60.”

    Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part Two
    With the keel laid down, scarfed and set with the inner keel we are ready to look at the stenpost.


  • August Webwatch

  • Building and Cruising in a St. Pierre Dory - Pt 1
    With the price of gas over $4/gallon now and commercially build cruising boats cost more than $1500/ft, how can we afford to spend time on the water?

    The Hardest Job in Boatbuilding
    For me on my boat it's the job I have just done, it took 15 hours to fit the chines.

    How "Mary Elizabeth" Became "Highland Lass"
    I am, to steal a word from Dave Gerr, a nautophile and never pass up a chance to tour a marina or see a neat boat that I have espied.

    How I Ended up with a Yard Full of Ducks
    I have always had a love of boats, and of the water.

    Steve wanted me to say while he built the boat, I built the article but he really wrote about his great SOF boat.

    Racing with Rot
    Alas, all was not well. The bottom of the bulkhead separating the cabin and cockpit was very soft.