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  • August Letters

  • The Everglades Challenge 2013 - Pt Four
    Daylight. The bedroll was pulled over my head to keep in the warmth. But I could hear voices, including Chuck's. Time to get up.

    Fiddlestix – A Michalak Normsboat
    Holidays over and settled back into work, I began dreaming of the warm sailing days, clear blue water, white sugar sand beaches, and the good company of the 2013 FL 120.

    Depoe Bay
    This little tug was for sale - no idea who owned it.


  • August Splash

  • A Dinghy Comes to Life - Part Four
    It was Dinghy time again after a break. When we left off, the bottom was ready for stringers.

    Fitting the Perfect Sail - Part Two
    Let's get started and remember; don't let the math scuttle you; have fun with it, embrace it, as you do the rest of your tools.


  • August Reports

  • The Everglades Challenge - 2013 - Part Three
    We awoke before sunrise and found a light northeasterly.

    Family Skiff
    There's been years of delays but I'm finally learning to sail in my own homebuilt boat!

    A Dinghy Comes to Life - Part Three
    I took a few days off and played. But here's a few pics of what has happened lately.

    Marsh Duck
    I hauled the Marsh Duck from Twisp to Pearrygin Lake behind my bicycle - 13 miles with headwinds and a few hundred feet of climb.


  • August Treasure Chest

  • Voyage to Improvement
    In preparation for the 2012 Eastern Messabout held at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland I needed something that would float.

    The 16+2 Electric Moto Craft
    I decided to add this larger version of the Electric Moto Craft to my growing fleet of EMC hulls after a comment and request from one of my YouTube subscribers.


  • August Webwatch

  • A Dinghy Comes to Life - Part Two
    I've been working on this half days, attending to other chores mornings, so this is really 2-1/2 full days.

    ECO 7.5
    Here a ECO 7.5 from Australia. This boat sports the first home built wishbone gaff mainsail.

    Lofting Today - Part Seven
    We've gone through plenty of lofting techniques so now we can look at a big boat and its' plans.

    After I finished the LFH17 about a year ago, there was a need for me to build another Skin on Frame (SOF) rowboat.

    A Dinghy Comes to Life - Part One
    I finally got started on the new MiniPaw dinghy.

    Fitting the Perfect Sail – Part One
    Attempting to find the perfect sail is not dissimilar to discovering the perfect spouse...

    Whisker Pole
    Recently, I had the Mystic Wind out to evaluate a design modification.