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  • January Letters

  • The 14ft. Padilla Bay Flat Bottomed Skiff
    This hull will be the first one of the three 14 footers that I have finished the hull design for.

    RAID Finland 2012
    Captain Norm to Crew: "Lower the leeboards. Set the sail. Take in the mooring lines. Stow the wine and beer in the forward locker. Let's get her underway!"

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • January Splash

  • My Scram Pram
    I have been a sea kayaker for many years and have built a small navy of them for my use.

    DUO 480C Jigsaw (Jicksaw)
    He started building the boat in May of this year and here are two letters from him after his holiday with his family on the Kroatian coast.


  • January Reports

  • 12ft Electric Moto Craft
    I decided to add this smaller version of the Electric Moto Craft to my growing fleet of hulls...

    Push Pole
    At some point in time before electricity and after the steam engine a group of men built a small dam in a farmers pasture.


  • January Treasure Chest

  • Boat School Celebrates 30th Anniversary
    Boat School Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Waterfront Celebration in Port Hadlock August 4th.

    A Gulf Crossing
    I sailed out of Tampa Bay at dawn heading West across the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Panhandle.

    The Case of the Missing Dinghy
    Launching and retrieving my 26' trimaran is never simple despite the improvements I make each year.

    The Cardboard Engine
    I casually mentioned that I was considering building a cardboard engine, my wife didn't bat an eyelid at this.


  • January Webwatch

  • April Love - Part Three
    First let me say, it doesn't take a three part article to build April Love. I've just had real life interfere with getting to the lake.

    A Different Approach to Ocean Sailing
    Here is my KD 122 "VOYAGER" catamaran. As the name implies the boat is meant for long passage making.

    Cartopping a Boat
    A discussion on the Duckworks yahoo group about tying a boat onto the roof of a car brought me to share a method for creating an attachment point.

    Composite Cruiser
    Because of it's ultra-light weight, this boat can be used by anyone, of any age. It paddles effortlessly, is stable, and is easily transported in almost any vehicle. And, the cost to build is about $80.

    Army Hole
    When the Texas200 ended at Seadrift this year, Chris and I decided to extend our cruise through the weekend before heading home.