You Ain't Home 'til the Anchor is Dropped in the Harbor
Captain Ron Thweatt explains how his sailing experience helps him deal with the holidays.

Reinstalling the Magneto and Carb
It is a mean trick of me to try to make Max Wawrzyniak's article more exciting with this thumbnail, afterall, there really is good information here.

The Miniature Shipyard and teaching boatbuilding
Anyone who has built 22 boats in 19 years ought to know what he is talking about so if John Welsford says to build a model, that's good enough for me.

The Snotter
Dispite the unsavory name, The Snotter actually serves a useful function. David Nichols gives a little history and a little practical application of Snotters.

Conniving Clive
I can't write poetry but Paul Haynie can. Limericks are poetry aren't they? However you fall on that question, you are going to get a big kick out of this.

A sleeping helmsman, flippin multi-hulls,
island rum and whistling bebacks!

Who knew the world of model boat sailing was so big and interesting? Mark Steele knew all along.

Ethanol in two-stroke outboards
Last month Rob Rohde-Szudy described how to clean up an old two stroke outboard. Now make those modifications even more effective with cleaner fuel.


Yorgos' Gunter
David Nichols knows a lot about traditional sails and occasionally writes on the subject. He was pleased when Yorgos used some of this information.

This month, Max Wawrzyniak takes a break from his 1956 Johnson 15 - Start to Finish series to write about something for anyone who uses an outboard.

Little Boat: Big Yummie
One look at the picture should prepare you for a cooking article. But Captain Ron gives you much more than just a recipe - it's a whole way of boating.

Cruising weekly to no particular place!
In his column this month, Mark Steele surveys some of the many different types of model boats and the many places they are sailed.

Cut and Run
It has a bad connotation these days, but Lee Martin knows it's sometimes the right thing to do. Especially when you are on a small boat.

Cleaning Up Two-Stroke Outboards
Do you love those old two-stroke outboards but hate what they do to the environment? Rob Rohde-Szudy has some good ideas about changing all that.


Carburetor Work, and a Few Words on Fuel
In his series about rebuilding a 1956 Johnson outboard motor, Max Wawrzyniak has got to the carburetor. There are lots of good tips here.

Sherpa, a little boat who can carry a big load...
Perhaps John Welsford's best effort so far, the amazing little Sherpa is just like it's name sake: small, stout, capable. John gets builder feedback.

Of a ketch and a mullety, and schooners...
The universe of model boating is huge. Mark Steel takes us on a trip around the world and introduces us to his model building friends in the far corners.

The Treasure
People use boats for all sorts of purposes. Here Ross Lillistone relates the story of a little pulling boat called on for a very unusual job.

More on So Fong
Bob Means weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue when he updates a gentleman who happened upon the mention of a ship he had once known...

Living With Daggerboards
Keel; centerboard; daggerboard; the debate rages. Meanwhile, Rob Rohde-Szudy discusses some of the things you can do to improve life with a daggerboard.


Magneto Work
This is part IV of Max Wawrzyniak's start to finish series on rebuilding a 1956 Johnson 15 horse outboard - these lessons apply to a lot of old outboards.

Northward Heading
My longtime boat building buddy, Bob Williams has left Texas for the upper penninsula of Michigan. His brother, Don, wrote this great poem in Bob's honor.

Heat Disorders
Do you know how to identify health problems caused by heat and what to do about them? Greg Stoll does and he tells you how to spot and deal with them too.

Get Rid of Stuff - You Can't Take it With You
Do you have a big pile of boat stuff? Captain Ron did and he had to move it from a barn to a closet. Think he took it to the dump? Think again.

A Vision of Perfection
Ross Lillistone is back with another thought provoking essay. This time he talks about perfection in small boat building and what that means.

I Sold My Boat Today
Sometimes selling a boat is like selling a member of the family. Sometimes it's not. Read what Andrew Linn has to say on the subject.

Modeling is About People
In his second regular column, Mark Steele reminisces a bit about the people he has met sailing model boats with over the years.

A Virtual Penguin
When Tom Hamernik was considering building John Welsford's Penguin, he took the time to draw an outline of the boat on his driveway in chalk.

New and Maybe Improved Sail Ties
Not long ago, Rob Rohde-Szudy reported on an easy to make sail gasket. Now he has discovered a new improved version and discusses its merits.


Rowing and the Art of Respectability
Rowing seems like a respectable pastime, but is winning a rowing match respectable? That depends. Al Wasey expains.

Go Sail The World
Charlie Whipple is building a boat to sail around the world. But that does not mean he can't wax poetic and whip out a few lines of verse.

Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 3
Removing the flywheel from an outboard motor is tough, but it is necessary to get to the coils. Max Wawrzyniak makes it seem easy.

Camp Cruising in a Seagull
John Welsford has a lot of happy customers. And he keeps sending us these tantalizing pictures and stories of adventure in exotic locations.

Your First Aid Kit
This month we welcome Greg Stoll, Firefighter and Paramedic as a new columnist. His coverage of first aid and medical care for boaters is long overdue.

Where the Winds Blow... Welcome
In Mark Steele's inaugural column about the world of model boats, we learn that it is a much bigger and more facinating world than we ever imagined.

The Hamernik Hull Drain
Tom Hamernik figured out a way to install a drain in a boat with a thin bottom and Rob Rohde-Szudy wrote this wonderful step-by-step illustrated guide.

Requiem for Sanding
Here is a clever little ogdoastich about sanding from Barrett Faneuf. She should know about sanding - she has built 2 of John Welsford's Navigators.


Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 2
Every year or so, Max Wawrzyniak completely refurbishes an old outboard motor and documents it in these pages. There are lots of good lessons here.

Sofala, A Big Little Ship
Roy McBride sent us this from Ian Allen. It is the story of the midnight rescue of a Tahiti Ketch with plenty of danger and shady characters to go around.

Make Way for Ron's "Lady of Fortune"
Mark Steele describes how 'Pyrate Ron' and his big radio controlled square rigger occasionally sets out to plunder the local pond fleet.

Nearly Drowning Without Getting Your Head Wet
Do you think you always make good decisions around boats? Derek made a bad decision once and learned a good lesson from the resulting experience.

Wear Your Life Jacket
You know you should wear a life jacket any time you are in your boat, but do you? Harriet Howard gives us some more information on the subject.

Yard Sale Tools
You already know that Rob Rohde-Szudy is so cheap he makes almost everything from scratch. Now he tells you how to buy tools cheap and what to look for.


Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 1
Every year or so, Max Wawrzyniak completely refurbishes an old outboard motor and documents it in these pages. There are lots of good lessons here.

Requiem for Robb
I guess by now anyone with internet access knows that Robb White died. Our own Rob Rohde-Szudy has written some thoughtful words on his passing.

Coast Guard Requests Boaters Help on the Water
No one wants another terrorist attack on the USA. Wayne Spivak tells you about a new program that lets you help prevent terrorism.

Dan's Trover
Like any designer, John Welsford depends on builders to report on how his boats perform. Dairy Dan gave a good review of John's Trover.

Uncle Allen and the New Jersey Shore
From the day he started contributing to Duckworks, Captain Ron has been a hit. I think you will agree that this is his best effort yet.

Masthead Sheaves
Any sailboat can be improved with a masthead sheave. it's not hard, either. Just follow Rob Rohde-Szudy easy, step-by-step instructions.

Forgive Yourself
We don't publish much poetry, but we don't have much submitted either. I think this poem by Michael Birch really stands out, though.


A Little Boat On A Big Lake
Once again Captain Ron makes us smile and reminds us of the importance of stopping long enough to smell the roses.

Odds & Ends
Max Wawrzyniak is our resident outboard motor guru. This month he ties up some loose ends. Watch for the release of his new book.

Reboarding Ladders
Need a good DIY swim ladder for your boat? Rob Rohde-Szudy walks you through the process of making a really good one.

The Boat That Never Was
In his own, inimitable way, Al Wasey recounts his close encounter with a classic boat - offered on eBay - that met his Arthur Ransome expectations.

Getting a Vessel Safety Check
Did you know that you can get a free Vessel Safety Check from a certified member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary? Wayne Spivak tells you all about it.

The Plimmerton Classic Boat Regatta 2006
New Zealand is known for beauty and the boats there are no exception. John Welsford sent this report from one of the best small boat gatherings down under.

Oil Changes
Don't let the title of this essay fool you. Roy McBride lives in an exotic part of the world and has taken part in a lot of adventures. Here is one.

I'm Not Cornish
Rob Rohde-Szudy is a regular columnist but since the subject matter of this rant is a bit different, he asked that it be posted outside his regular monthly format.


A New Walkabout in Australia
If you cannot afford to fall hopelessly in love with a beautiful new design from the drawing board of John Welsford, then do NOT click this link!

I think Max Wawrzyniak is a genius when it comes to old outboard motors. In this column, Max reveals the source of much of that knowledge.

The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding
Retired and looking for a second career? You could do worse than to attend a good school and learn boat building. Pete Leenhouts did just that.

Ryobi 18 Volt Innovations
John Cupp is excited about the new 18 volt cordless tolls from Ryobi. They do have an extraordinary number of different types. Read this report.

Boats and Stuff
Captain Ron has had to retire from sailing due to his detiorating health, but he has found a way to keep his memories alive.

“Thinking Outside the Box”
But what if you want to build a box? is the subtitle of Ron Magen's column. The boat builder applies his knowledge and tools to honeydews.

LED Navigation Lights
There is a lot of interest in LED lighting for boats. Ken James makes such lighting and wanted to give us the benefit of some of his experience.

Lead Casting
Not sure about casting lead? In this month's column, Rob Rhode-Szudy walks you through the process and you end up with a useful boating tool.


Onboard Spares 'n Tools
Max Wawrzyniak is a proponent of using older outboard motors on boats. He also suggests you carry some tools and spares. Here are some details.

Review - Roar's Circle
You have heard the old saw: "You can't tell a book by it's cover". Al Wasey tells us that the aphorism is especially applicable to this book. Find out why.

The Magic Happens
You think you have it bad? Let Captain Ron Thewatt give you a lesson in how to overcome adversity and keep smiling in spite of anything fate has to offer.

Richmond Boat Shop
Take an enchanting walk down memory lane as Paul Richmond tells you how boats were made in his father's shop half a century ago.

Polyurethane Glue
Ross Lillistone is a professional boat builder who is careful about adopting new products. Here is his report on one of them

Fuel Gauge Repair
in an OMC Pressurized Fuel Tank

Would you like to have an operating fuel gauge in that old tank? Rob Rohde-Szudy shows you how.


Painting Primer
Lets hope Ron Magen is better at paining than he is at puns. There are lots of good tips here on buying, applying, and storing paint.

Lower Units - Part 2
This is the final part of Max Wawrzyniak's primer on tearing down and repairing the lower units on old outboard engines. Better take notes.

Steaming Lake Windermere
It's not easy to find a steamboat for rent these days, but Al Wasey did and rode it right through the heart of Arthur Ransom's Swallows and Amazons country.

Nikon Binoculars for Boating
Want a quality pair of binoculars for your boat but are confused by all the hype. Chris Ostlind gives us the straight skinny on three you can choose from.

Captain Charlie Self
We welcome Captain Ron Thweatt as a regular columnist. His first effort is a sort of eulogy to the man who taught him to sail.

Simple Rigs
We will excuse Ross Lillistone if he waxes a bit too romantic. After all, we like sailing too, especially on boats with simple, traditional sailing rigs.

Homemade Boat Trailers - Part 3
This is the final installment of Rob Rohde-Szudy's great series on building your own boat trailer. Rob has provided a scale drawing of his trailer as a guide.


Friends of the Shop
Ross Lillistone is an accomplished boat builder. He is also a good writer. In this essay he talks about some of the characters who have visited his shop.

Measure for Measure
Winter is a good time for odd jobs around the boatshop. Ron Magen has some tips for mixing very small amounts of epoxy that these tasks require.

A Fishing We Will Go!
If you ever have the good fortune of meeting Larry Pullon, you will notice that he is quiet with a wry and subtle sense of humor. Read this and you will see.

Lower Units - Part 1
Max Wawrzyniak makes a convincing argument that older outboard motors are not only easy on the pocket book but easy to maintain too.

Do Yachts Need to be so Expensive?
Roy McBride has been building boats in South Africa and knows what he is talking about. These lessons apply to Yachts of all sizes

On Pouring Lead
Paul Richmond takes us on a stroll down memory lane with a tale of pouring lead, not by boatbuilders, but by two young boys.

Pet Theories on Seaworthyness
This essay from John Welsford grew out of a discussion group debate about seaworthyness in small craft.

No Holiday For Auxiliarist Taking Charge of Floating Shelter
Wayne Spivak tells us more about the cruise ships being used to shelter hurricane victims.

Now For A Completely New Idea
John Cupp has a proposal that could change boat building as we know it. Read his essay, then decide for yourself. I'm convinced it would work.

HOMEMADE BOAT TRAILERS - Part II – Fabrication - Rob Rohde-Szudy continues his excellent series on boat trailer construction from the ground up. This one moves from welding through painting.