December - 2007

Milestones for Pangur Ban
Over the years, we have posted several links to Dale Austin's website and his sharpie project. In this article, he takes time to reflect on his multi-year project.

The Barquito Folding Dinghy
We no longer sell plans for this clever little boat but you can get them online. David Brinker built one and he tells all about it in this article.

California Origamis
These unique little folding dinghys are turning up all over. Steve Chambers has built two. He used one as a tender for his Potter 15 then gave it away.

Canoe Restoration
Lowell 'Ratty" Shipe is a true craftsman but also a man of few words. When he sent a bunch of photos of one of his projects I figured they ought to be seen.

The Taming of the Shrew
What do you do if you are given an old, fiberglass boat that is unsafe on certain points of sail? If you are Bob Booth, you give it a new rig while restoring it.

Toy Boat
Author and Duckworks contributor Brian Anderson is always cooking up something new and interesting. This toy boat for his daughters is no exception.

Origami Launched
Like all projects, Bruce Raddatz's Origami had a few dissappointments, but he can't complain about the looks of this clever and unique little folding dinghy.

How To

Using Pigment Pastes
Not many people know about this method for fairing boats - it involves using pigment in successive colors with your fairing compound. Warren Messer reports.

A Drop-in Sail Rig
Michael Storer designed a simple drop-in sail rig for a canoe or kayak more than ten years ago and finally he is getting some good feedback from Trevor Killmier.

An Easy Canoe/Kayak Cart
My friend and neighbor, Steve Lansdowne, has talked about many of his clever Gizmos in these pages before. Here is a closer look at his Canoe/Kayak Cart.

Adjusting Rowlocks Vertically
At 6'-5", Chris Partridge is about "average" size. But no matter what size you are, you need to pay attentiion to this often overlooked aspect of rowing.


A Few Short Trips
Fortunately for us, Brian Anderson was looking through his photos and found enough to make a composite article about some river paddling trips in Europe

The Waterdog in Canada
When Craig Holm sent us his article about building an Oughtred Grey Seal, I asked him to write something about some of their voyages. Here is the result.


A Trip to Mecca
When a wet Kokopeli got Jim Thayer to rethink Lake Powell as a destination and focus on Port Townsend instead, Steve Axon went along and filed this report.


A Houdini in South Africa
John Welsford was delighted to get this letter from Herco van de Erve and we are delighted that he is sharing this great dinghy cruising story with us.

Dakota (age 11) Builds a PDRacer
With this column, we welcome Michael Storer to Duckworks as a regular columnist. This time he reports on 11 year old Dakota and her Oz PDRacer project.

A model yacht crossing of Cook Strait, Mick Brown’s wife Marion’s schooner, and a model of the ill-fated Strathcona. - Mark Steele's latest

Brian Builds a Drift Boat
When David Nichols got to Brooklin, Maine to teach a boatbuilding class at the WoodenBoat School, he found that Brian Neely was building one of his designs.

Motorwell Modifications - Part 4
This is the last of this series. As usual, Rob Rohde-Szudy not only gives us lots of details but he also steps back for a clear overview of the subject.


Whoopi - 25' Rocket Gaffer
Here is another delightful pocket cruiser from Flavio Faloci. It is a design competition entry like his last one. The pictures of the model alone is worth seeing.

Smith's Boat Shop
Jill Brown has written about Pelican saillboats in these pages before. This time she relates the history of the Smith brothers' boatshop in the Pacific Northwest.