Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff - Part 2
In this installment, our heroes, Gary Blankenship and Olivier Chamel, take Olivier's GIS from barely 3-D to rowing trials. Gary includes lots of details and photographs in his report.

Puddle Duck Racer, Hull 231
Ok, this is not the first PDR building report to grace these pages, but there is always something to learn and besides, Todd Wilkie does a really great job of telling his story.


*#*EXPLETIVE*#* I broke the rudder
In this follow-up to yesterday's article, Skip Johnson talks about the broken rudder on the boat that he and Jeff Jouett paddled on the 2008 Colorado River 100 (mile race).

Fasting, Prayer, and Perfect Ballance
In today's article, Paul Austin takes the otherwise dry subject of sailboat balance and makes it much more palatable. This is fun reading even if somehow you don't learn anything new.


Tug Launch at Koreshan State Park
Everyone loves those tiny Tugboats like the one Mike Gill has designed. The best part is that he is giving the plans away for free. We will present those tomorrow. But first the launch.


Around in Ten - The Floating Bear
As if entering the Around in Ten (a race around the world in 10 foot boats) were not enough, Steve Rinker is building a radical new design that flies a series of kites for his effort.

The 2008 Colorado River 100
I attemped this race with Skip one year and it nearly killed me. So I have a special appreciation for what Jeff Jouett went through. He has written a pretty good account too.


Blake’s Seamaster, Straddle Bug(ing), a Champion of yachts large and small and the dreary port of Surrender!
Mark Steele's wonderful monthly potpouri of model boat news.

Ross Lillistone is a very experienced sailor as you will learn in this essay. He is also very knowlegeable about building methods. Here he discusses Stitch and glue boat building.

Electrical System Tricks
Rob Rohde-Szudy's modest way of describing his latest column is in the subtitle: A cautionary tale in which our hero over-complicates things and later sees the error of his ways.

Electrical System Tricks - Addendum
Rob Rohde-Szudy's has just sent an important addendum to last week's column. The addtional material is posted at the end of the article, but this link will take you right to it.


Ken Simpson, the designer of the clever Toter series of take-apart boats has focused his attention on an amphibious electric vehicle. He tells us that there will be plans available one day.

Two Seat PVC and Duct Tape Kayak
It is always nice when a boat that starts out as a lark, ends up being successful. That is what happened to Daniel Glick and his dad when they built a boat from PVC plastic and duct tape.

The Mini-Pond Home
Are you having trouble making the mortgage payments on that three bedroom two bath? Harold Duffield makes a good argument for moving aboard a nice houseboat and saving $$.

Free Plans - Gill 12 Tugboat
Yesterday we introduced Mike Gill's little tugboat with a story about its launch. Today, as promised, we are posting plans for the little boat. This may be just the project you are looking for.

Building a Lake Skiff - Part 8
Being 95% done with only 40% left to do, Charlie Ewers was able to launch his lake skiff and motor a few miles. He reports that it didn't leak or fall apart. Read the rest of his story.

The Pacific Pelican
The San Francisco Bay and Great Pelicans are synonymous with seaworthiness. Bill Short along with Ed and Jim Barlow developed the Pacific Pelican to fill the gap between them.


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