• March Letters

  • Preparing For the Texas 200 - A Survival Guide - Part One
    What do you need for the Texas 200? - shallow draft, easy reefing, a life jacket and lots of whiskey...

  • March Splash

  • Laguna Dos Build - Part Two
    The weather did not help, but Mike Monies finishes his Laguna Dos build. Look out Texas 200 - this boat is designed especially for it.

    Where the Winds Blow...
    Of beautiful Gloriana, Arizona’s multi-talented Dennis, Maryvonne a French yawl, the boats of Saggimau and a refreshing bit of `Slow!’

    Jagular Goes South - Part 3
    This is the third part of this great series. More oysters, more cut feet and more struggle in this final episode.

  • March Reports & The Treasure Chest

  • New Design: Michalak's Rio Grande
    Jim's new design, RioGrande, is like a Toto "(but slightly narrower) with the Imresboat style deck". Comments by Sandra Leinweber

    Sea Trails and Sinking of ‘Project Coot’
    He had the frame, he ordered the skin, but why not do a trial with plastic wrap while waiting for the skin. Well see what happened...

    Dave's gone for more thrills and spills. "Another call. Ivanpah for Thanksgiving". They don't float but these sailboats are addictive. Is it catching...

    Filipino Navigator
    "He said I was very strict and I was building furniture instead of a boat..." This is a work of art and oh the ingenuity. The mast jig is worth noting for the next job.

    The Building of Muy Fragil
    Or How Not to Build a Boat - Another Nut Building Boats in His Backyard. Paul Cook builds a Puddle Goose so he can take five people on the river for Raft the Rio.

    With Winter Comes Thoughts of Building
    It's that time of year and Paul Austin considers chines and rigs in this months column.

  • March Webwatch

  • Caroline
    "I was stricken with madness; I had to have a boat". Michael did a great job of Michalak's Caroline and he now had his boat, one he built himself...

    Guest Thomas Sabel: Down to the Sea in Ships
    'Charles Aaron didn't own a trailer and his compact car was too small to tow', but he was not going to let that stop him.

    New Design: Quick Canoe 155
    We saw a glimpse of this new Michael Storer design in Splash. This time we get more details of this great fast to build canoe.

    Raid Finland - Part 2
    ...Continued from yesterday. " they fashioned a bowsprit from a piece of driftwood and set a flying jib, providing noticeable improvement when there was wind".

    Raid Finland - Part 1
    "How fast can you row while sailing? And...why would you want to? To participate in a RAID of course". Part two tomorrow.

    The 2009 Florida 120: Trip Report
    "May 13th, 2009 saw an unlikely collection of boats skippered by a mixed bag of rogues", the result - The Florida 120.

    Do you have... Edge Tool Envy?
    Rob this time tell us a thing or two about cutting with knives and chisels, and the results, including the rolling bevel, are great - try it!

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