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December, 2001

From: John Bell:

I would like to take the lead in the Infinite Modular Sharpie Project. To wit, I have reposted my proposal and invitation to potential participants on my website:  or go directly to: 

As for the ground rules we need to follow if we go forward:

1) It shall be fun for both the participants and the organizers.
2) It shall be safe for the participants, organizers, and the public at
3) It shall be kept as simple as possible to appeal to the largest group of
participants and to capture the public's imagination.
4) It shall run such that the financial commitment required of the
participants and organizers will minimized.

As long as we can agree on these ground rules, let's move forward.


December, 2001

From Othmar Karschulin: 

Hi Chuck,
Try the link to see a few unknowingly aspirants to the 200x contest from Italy:
You must not know the language - the pics show all. 

Othmar ;-)

December, 2001

From: Richard Spelling: 

This email is to let you know there is a new issue of Chebacco online at:

I've been getting a lot of "Do you know of anybody with a Chebacco close to such-and-such location?" questions. I have added a registry of Chebacco owner/builders to the Chebacco site. At your convenience, please register your boat.


Richard Spelling

December, 2001

From: Stephen Lewis: 

Have site with free plans for folks. May eventually have some not so free plans, but right now I'm feeling philanthropic. 

December, 2001

From Max Wawrzyniak 

Good evening, Chuckie!

Received that fine-look'n hat and t-shirt the other day.  Much appreciated. I ordered one of your CD's too - took forever to figure out that Pay-Pal screen, what with all the Java script errors from my old browser.

click to enlarge

Went to an Antique Outboard Motor Meet the other day, and snapped this picture of a really beautiful Spiegel catalog Brooklure 5 hp outboard with full gear shift, just like mentioned in the "Primer on Old outboards."   It was not for sale, but I stayed around late to shoot the bull (everyone has a God-given talent) and after about everyone has left, up drives a feller with ANOTHER mint-condition 5 hp Brooklure he wants to sell!  Bought it, of course.

click to enlarge

Also took this photo of small-craft designer ( and motorhead) Jim Michalak (at right) checking-out a mid '50s champion 4.2 horse outboard. Note that Jim is carrying three essential tools for the old- outboard-tinkerer:  an impact driver, a crowbar, and a cup of coffee.  The other motor on a stand is an early '50s 3 hp air-cooled 4-cycle Lawson, which started and ran and sold for 50 bucks.  Missing it's lower cowls, though.

click to enlarge

Finally there is a photo of my current project, (left) a Michalak-designed AF3 (had a heck of a time deciding what to build- so many plans, so little time...).  Photo was taken 3 weeks into construction.  It is now 5 weeks into construction and the bottom is on, chines and butts taped, and she is back right-side up and ready for decks and topside stuff.

It aint "home" boat building, but there is a very interesting series of photos detailing the construction of a 188 ft river towboat at

Any thoughts of driving all the way to the Midwest Messabout next year?  And did you ever find that dinghy??

Later, Max

December, 2001

More from John Bell:

Finally got some pictures from Ed Jones of the first Blackberry. Check the DinghyCruising photo section to see the great job he did on it. I'm so pleased with how she looks I could just bust!

John Bell <><
Kennesaw, GA


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