Toto XL - Angler Edition
Are you after a fishing boat that will really catch fish yet tow behind a bicycle? Glynn Sirmans built one and he tells all about it in this pictorial essay.

Sometimes an imperfect process leads to the perfect boat. Peter Simmons knows this well and tells his story with candor and humor.

Short Waves
Was Brek Brixius building a coffin? He is pretty sure it was a boat. Read this light-hearted account of a first boat building project.

Shanty Saga
Six months ago, Mike Smith got the notion to build a boat with more headroom and more deckspace. He has just launched the results of his Shantyboat Saga.

My AS-29 - Walküre
Mike Wagner is headed off for the Great Loop in his AS-29. Here are some nice photos and a link to his blog website.

How To

Polysails - The Sheet Sail Alternative
If you think that cheap polysails don't work well, think again. Dave Gray takes you back through polytarp 101 to review just why this stuff makes great sails.

Mast Crutches & Supports
Leave it to Shorty to come up with simple, no-nonsense solutions to common, everyday problems. This time he tackles Mast support gear.


Beale Park Thames Boat Show
Lucky for us, Chris Partridge lives near this great event. That means he can send reports like this which are almost as good as being there.

No Nursing Home for Me
Louis Cisnero and a few other guys did not know what they were getting into when they decided to cruise from Rockport, TX to the Duckworks messabout.


Magneto Work
This is part IV of Max Wawrzyniak's start to finish series on rebuilding a 1956 Johnson 15 horse outboard - these lessons apply to a lot of old outboards.

Northward Heading
My longtime boat building buddy, Bob Williams has left Texas for the upper penninsula of Michigan. His brother, Don, wrote this great poem in Bob's honor.

Heat Disorders
Do you know how to identify health problems caused by heat and what to do about them? Greg Stoll does and he tells you how to spot and deal with them too.

Get Rid of Stuff - You Can't Take it With You
Do you have a big pile of boat stuff? Captain Ron did and he had to move it from a barn to a closet. Think he took it to the dump? Think again.

A Vision of Perfection
Ross Lillistone is back with another thought provoking essay. This time he talks about perfection in small boat building and what that means.

I Sold My Boat Today
Sometimes selling a boat is like selling a member of the family. Sometimes it's not. Read what Andrew Linn has to say on the subject.

Modeling is About People
In his second regular column, Mark Steele reminisces a bit about the people he has met sailing model boats with over the years.

A Virtual Penguin
When Tom Hamernik was considering building John Welsford's Penguin, he took the time to draw an outline of the boat on his driveway in chalk.

New and Maybe Improved Sail Ties
Not long ago, Rob Rohde-Szudy reported on an easy to make sail gasket. Now he has discovered a new improved version and discusses its merits.


Sea Biscuit Position Report - Voyage Aborted!
Ken has sent news that will surprise some and dissappoint many. Harley is packing it in. Read the latest and see how you can help.

Llano River Paddle
The way Sandra tells this story it sounds like I am a tyrant and we never get along. Don't read this story if you don't like to see other folks dirty laundry.

A Boys' Weekend of Sailing and Fishing
I'll admit that when Garth Battista set out to build Jim Michalak's 32' Cormorant, I wondered if it would be too big to get much use. I should not have worried.

Not All Boats in Venice Are Gondolas
Luckily for us, Chris Partridge travels a bit and carries a camera. Even more luckily, he files reports like this one for our vicarious enjoyment.


Astra's Story - Part 1
Here is an epic story of a boat designed and built in Sweeden, shipped to South Aftica, raced extensively, and when it was about to be cut up for firewood....

Astra's Story - Part 2
.... saved by folks who could not stand to see a proud old ship destroyed. Roy McBride tells the story. It's so big we had to present it in two parts.

Stuart James attended this year's BEER Cruise in a tiny microcruiser - make that nanocruiser. Craig Gleason describes this interesting boat in detail.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 4
It's really starting to look like a boat. In this part, Warren Messer demonstrates fairing and finishing a boat for painting. Next time: the sailing rig.


Sea-Dog Rudder Control Foot Braces
Chris Rowan bought and installed some of our Foot Braces and has a definite opinion about them. Read his product review to see what it is.