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  • October Letters

  • The D-5
    A simple practical little row/sail/electric motor floating fishing barge designed by me.

    Something of a Rogue
    The river running through the city of Hobart, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful small boat cruising grounds anywhere.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • October Splash

  • Two Years Before the Mast
    It is a painful thing for a boat builder to not only be without a boat but also to be in a financial situation that does not allow him to build one.

    Florida Gulfcoast Small Craft Festival #7
    Talk a walk around this great festival.

    Making it Longer - Or, Easy Angles
    A treatise on scarf joining stringers for your next boat by John Welsford.

  • October Reports

  • My Houdini Hope
    About four years ago I purchased a set of plans for John Welsford's lug sailed Houdini and that was where it ended.

    Farewell to Piglet
    As I pushed Piglet, my West Wight Potter 14 sailboat, away from the beach, I did so with a heavy heart. For this would be our last sail together.

  • October Treasure Chest

  • Jim Michalak's Newsletter
    We are big fans of Jim Michalak's designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.

    Building Annie - A Navigator 15ft Yawl - Pt 3
    Starting with the gunwales, the build continues...

    A Bunch of Dinghies
    The Benbow Cafe looked out on the harbor like an ancient seagull facing the wind... A story from Paul Austin...

  • October Webwatch

  • Helensboat - Part Two
    Helensboat, A Jim Michalak Trilars Continued.

    Helensboat - Part One
    The genesis for this boat came a few years ago at the end of an Everglades Challenge.

    Jacaranda Festival's Celebration of Wooden Boats
    The second Jacaranda Festival's celebration of Wooden Boats was held on the first weekend of November last year.

    Staying Where You Want To Be
    Anchoring is a somewhat fraught experience for a lot of small boat owners.

    Having been so infected some time ago, WoodenBoat's recent Design Challenge blew a little breeze over the embers and Nomad was the result.

    John Welsford's Blog
    John Welsford talks of travel and visiting friends in his blog. John Welsford is coming to the USA. Here are some details of his trip and a chance to help out a bit.

    Cedar Key 2011
    Well what can I say. This was probably the best sailing weekend of my life!

    Making a Coopers Mast
    I'm not for giving blood sacrifices to the tool god's; they get enough as it is, so here's a how to on mast making.