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Watercraft index over the years. Spreadsheet files for download. By Christer Byström.

Mike John

Perttu Korhonen posted a new video of his Ocean Explorer.


Here is a timely announcement from the folks at Small Craft Advisor Magazine - which every small boat sailor should subscribe to.


For a while I have been thinking of a V bottom kayak made from one sheet of ply. (Joint on length direction is allowed .) So I started to build it from a 2d sketch I drew. I made two bulkheads and combined them with framings. Then I made seat and seat rest, which is removable and works as hatch cover. ( I like that idea. ) Length is 2.8 meters and I like it. Good enough for day trips and fun on the beach and easy to transport and store - Photos.


Free Ebook: The Tapu of Banderah, by Louis Becke

Free Ebook: Tessa, by Louis Becke

Free Boat Plan: Teacup

Free Boat Plan: PM-38

Mike John

Our local newspaper ran an interesting article about the last commercial fishing tug in Milwaukee. Good reading.


Chris Grill has published an extensive review of his experiences building and sailing a stretched (22') T2 design. Anyone considering building a shunting proa should study this carefully. Chris has sailed it hard in all conditions in the open sea. His review is fair and well balanced about the good and bad points of this type of sailing proa.

Gary Dierking

It's BAAA-aack!  The wonderful folding sailboat, Flapdoodle is back - this time as an instant download!


For the last month I've been developing a new Tahitian style prototype called the Va'a Motu and will eventually have plans available. Designed by the ancient ones and updated by me.   I've been blogging on progress religiously and some of your readers may want to follow along.


We are pleased to announce a wood strip version of our North Wind Canoe. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook.

JEM Watercraft

John Welsford is in the USA - here are some details of his trip and a chance to help out a bit.


Aimed at open (Canadian) canoes, but welcoming to all paddle craft. Has garnered members from Europe, USA. Canada, Brazil as well as Oz and New Zealand.


Here are some just out of college kids who are building a schooner. They are almost done, but they did this all themselves. Even though I worked at Swarthmore College for years, and have been boating, I somehow never met them. Anyway, this is worth at least 30 minutes of exploring.

Paul Moffitt

Walking Boats!


Shooting this video today was crazy...


I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter. With the world championship coming up next month, I've got some tips and suggestions in the newsletter for improving the speed of your duck and other stuff.



Just another deluxe weekend in the mountains. Oh, how I love summer!

Dave Farmer

Here's a link to my youtube page for my newest video on making a loop (aka Death Grip Loop) with the Death Grip Hitch. I was in contact with the scout master and told him that I had figured out how to make the loop. Someone already told me that I tied the taunt line wrong at the start of the video, but I wasn't trying to tie that hitch.

Stitch and Glue and Stylish Too

Here's a little video of what we're doing out here on the West Coast!


Spectacular footage from Richard Woods aboard his new new “Skoota”, a trailerable, folding power catamaran cruiser.


A lightweight, cartop, super-stable fishing kayak with a full fledged, powerful outboard gas engine... People have tried similar setups with other kayaks, and even with W kayaks, but this is a commercial grade motoboat in the full sense, not just a yak rigged with a motor, IMO...


Some Links: One and Two

Pete A

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