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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

I have heard a lot of brainstorm ideas for boat/campers and camper/boats but finally someone has made one commercially - CLICK HERE


A nicely built RUTH wherry (one of my designs), by Neil Reilly, in Canada. Check out his building blog.

Dave Gentry

Matt Rutherford of  is my new sailing hero. Imagine circumnavigating the entire north and south Americas.

Free Ebooks:Turned Adrift, by Harry Collingwood

Captain Cook, by W.H.G. Kingston

South Sea Tales, by Jack London

Free Plans: Building the Stiletto

White-Water Riverboat

Sports Sled

Mike John (This is the end of the free plans in Webwatch series. That's all I could find in Popular Mechanics. I hope you enjoyed the series. I have lots more books to include.)

Fantastic sailing Sunday - about 25 miles, plus a break for a swim off the boat.


Here's the homepage for Dragonfly, the electric canal boat we saw at Little Current in the North Channel. Don't miss the "Laughs" page.

[OK! They are from Penn State, but they started their trip in upstate NY]

Here's the link to the story about the couple in the 22' C-Dory: click on "A Space Odyssey"

[OK! They have cruised 41,000 miles, not 20,000.]


I'm at the classic yacht regatta in Cannes. I took Fliptail along this morning and Nigel Pert took a load of pics which he has put on his blog.


Using a table saw can mean trying to move a 10' stick along, so you need someone to support the other end. You can invert the problem, make up a box, clamp the stick in place, and use a handheld circular saw instead. The more accurate you need to be, the more care you need to put into the box. Given my very mediocre woodworking skills, I got a pretty good result. Pictures etc here


Just found this and thought you might like to use it? Quite good little write up.


I found a way of sharing my facebook boat album with anyone. just click on this link and you can see all the comments for the pictures as well.

Paul Moffitt

Here’s a guy who did THE LOOP in two months on a pontoon boat—very unorthodox.


Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience, narrated by Tom Hanks. More ordinary people discovering the heroes within. Video One and Video Two.


So the Loire River Raid came off pretty well. We scored some crazy nice 5mm Joubert ply at a local sawmill sold as a no-name remnant or surplus, and some 6 meter pine boards and built two very nice Michael Storer Quick Canoes over 6 days and then paddled them down the Loire for six days. Today everybody is back at my place, sunburned and tired but happy with the trip. Everybody took a bunch of photos and I am sure that there will be some published in DW here pretty soon. Lovely river and great time building with Michael and the bunch in my barn.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Orleans for the Loire River Festival.


You're really gonna like this!!! What happens when an 80 foot mast has to go under a 65 foot bridge? You will not, believe this!


Joel Bergen has a super article on making a jib furler.


Hi-Tech Marine's Oronero - the world's first convertible yacht tender.



I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter. Guess What? We just passed 600 hulls! A big congratulations to the puddle duck community, together we are growing at a fast rate, and getting out there and do our motto: Cheap, creative, and having fun on the water!


A School for Traditional Boatbuilding and Seamanship. Experiential education programs in traditional wooden boat building and sailing. Two Year Apprenticeships. 12 Week Internships. One week, Evening, and Weekend Workshops. Adult & Youth Sailing Lessons.

Graham Walsh

Havasu 2012 - Here we go! 90+ signed up already at 4.5 months out from event!  You might recognize a face or two.


There are less than 45 days until the America's Cup experience returns to San Diego, California, the first America's Cup World Series event to be hosted in the United States!


Boat mills: water powered, floating factories.


Construction Tips.


Here's a great article for folks with boat trailers.

Canoe Built From Disposable Chopsticks.

Birch bark canoe.


Have you seen what we have on tap in the latest issue of Classic Yacht?

Bill Prince

I was at the TSCA in St. Michaels, MD last weekend. It was a cool rainy day. Here are some pictures...

Bill Dolan

My first youtube video. I should've started earlier because I just know he was going to turn over but this thing was really stable. 


Waterbuggy - a low speed sea-scooter for kids and families.


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