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Free Ebook: The Cannibal Islands, by R. M. Ballantyne

Free Ebook: Foster's Letter of Marque, by Louis Becke

Free Plan: This Sailing Skiff is Easy to Build

Free Plan: How to Build a Fold-up Hinged Boat

Mike John

Here is a great intentional capsize test of a SCAMP by Howard Rice in blustery conditions.


The preview looks cool.



I've been a big fan of SeaClear2 for a couple years. Now that I have a dedicated notebook with GPS for boat nav... I found it a bit clunky. Mainly that you couldn't change the chart orientation to North up or heading up, it just stayed however the chart was made. I just discovered OpenCPN, another free program that does what SeaClear does only better. The UI is much better, orients charts all the same, either way you want, etc. Gordo

A new national water trail...


For those of you considering electric power for your boat.


Jumna ride in paddle tug Western Australia. Where is the little Western Australian Jumna today? The article below was copied from the web and is also Here and came from Here.


Cortez Small Craft Festival 2011, more pictures.


I had a great time yesterday. The wind was more than I would have liked, but I can't control it so I just deal with it. I put together some photos and a video of SCAMP. Here is the link.

Lezlie #396 iDuck
Houston, TX

I found this video of a Sabre last night. You'll notice that even though it has an open cockpit it doesn't take on much water during a capsize due to the side air tanks.


I put a little video of our test sail up. Fair warning: it's pretty boring unless you happen to be interested in cartop catamarans. I sail along and natter about the boat, and that's about it.


Here is a nice video promoting the WoodenBoat Show’s Family Boatbuilding program. Duckworks will be helping Michael Storer and JOWoodworks this year. I will be there, eager to meet as many Duckworkers as I can.


Here is a link to a photo album posted by Steve Kingery – the pictures are from the recent Crystal River Boat Bash. Estimates are that a thousand people attended!


I just spent five days sailing Spartina in coastal North Carolina. I've started posting the daily logs at...

The next trip is two weeks away - eight days on Chesapeake Bay. I can't wait.

Steve Earley

For those interested in participating in the 2010 Midwest Messabout at Rend Lake, a new forum has been created specifically for this event.

Please visit that forum for news, updates and info. I will repost this announcement here about every two weeks.

No one needs plans to build a pirogue. They are the easiest thing to make. Check out "wacky lassie"I built mine as I went along (not wacky lassie).


Boat diesel forum looks good.

Mike John


An idea for boat security.


Feeling adventurous... Crew wanted.

Mike John

Okay, this is fast...



This could come in handy someday.

Mike John

Things can go wrong. A series of boat accidents.


No, this is a boatbuilding project...


Yachts of the future.



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