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We've all heard about old metal car bodies being melted down for recycling, but what happens to the composite hulls and superstructures of past-their-prime recreational boats? Well, not much. Generally, they just end being sunk, burned, or put in a scrap yard. Sometimes, the composites are ground up and added as filler to virgin material. An alternative may be on the way, however, as researchers have discovered a new method for separating the composite components for future reuse. Read More

2 new sets of plans up. Okawata Kayak and Trapper Canoe. We've also decided to try the "social media" and created a facebook page. Please like us.

JEM Watercraft

Free Ebook: PÂKIA by Louis Becke

Free Ebook: "PIG-HEADED" SAILOR MEN by Louis Becke

Free Plan: Cartop Pontoon Boat

Free Plan: 2 in 1 Camper Boat

Mike John

Just thought I'd send along some vids of my Bolger Oldshoe I built over the winter. I used Marine Epoxy throughout and most of the hardware is Racelite.

Video: One, Two and Three


If you want to do a special Texas200 section in the next Webwatch, here are a couple of good ones to start with:

John Goodman
Chuck Leinweber
Texas200 Facebook

I don't know if this would be of interest to you, but here's the link anyway.


Sailboat made from recycled materials.


A couple from Andrew Linn – he had to do something while he boycotted the Texas200 - Here and Here.


Given your interest in Mayfly 14, I thought you might be interested in this post from my blog.


Link to a news article in Port Lavaca paper.


I just sent out this month's newsletter listing the new articles and links to other sites featuring new puddle duck related pictures and videos.


Several friends of mine have told me I need to start writing some of my boating adventures down, including the "fun" I had dealing with getting a commercial fishing lisc with a registration-exempt vessel...the same one we use for 18th Century reenactment. Here's a link to the website:

Chris Collins ("Ekk")

This is a Video my wife put together of my build of a Michalak Skat.


Sailing unstayed Cat Ketches and Cat Yawls safely and efficiently downwind in strong winds.

by Michael Storer

Here is a new nesting design from Ken Simpson.


Here is a new folding boat design from the folks at WoodenWidget.



I am a boat repairer and have started a blog of my own. Thought I would just pass it along in case you might be interested.

Rick Sabral
Phoenix, AZ

I just finished the construction of my new pram from John Gardner's book. I documented the build on my blog site.


The July/August 2011 issue of Classic Yacht Magazine is here.


The same day (7/7/11)  that that “Easy-Go Yuloh” appeared on Duckworks’ “What’s New”, the attached video was featured on the UK website “Rowing For Pleasure.” It demonstrates yulohs in action in China, proving the claim in the article that a yuloh can effectively move a surprisingly large boat.  Because it’s a blog and the yuloh piece could be hard to find later, below is the direct YouTube link. Kim

Only glassed the bottom panel and two inches up from the first chine. The Hoop Pine marine ply I used is fairly strong so I didn't see the need to glass up to the gunwale. Also, I was trying to keep the finished weight down. You'll probably like this video. Just a simple flat bottomed hull with an optimist sail. Steering with a paddle. Just goes to show you can have fun with the simplest of boats and rigs.


While we haven't got one running here in NZ as yet, I get reports in from guys like Osbert Lancaster who built one of my Walkabout designs, and who has just completed the Sail Caledonia Raid across Scotland. Here's a link to his blog, wonderful stuff.

John Welsford

This is a new cruiser I've been working on....tell me what you think....


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