This boat was named for an elderly aunt, and Herb McLeod's new design is indeed a classic. He explains his design parameters and how the boat turned out.

Fusion 14 Sit On Top Canoe
The fastest growing new segment of home built boat designs is Sit On Tops. Here is a great example of an SOT canoe from the board of Chris Ostlind.

Stoa Proa Update
Gary Lepak is a designer/builder who approaches this hobby from a different angle than most. Here is the latest iteration of one of his interesting boats.

More Messer Models
Here is a treat for anyone who likes to make paper models. Warren Messer has put two more of his original designs in PDF form: just print and build.


Now for something completely different. Bill Weller has designed a hard-body, folding dinghy. It looks like a classic pram, but it folds up to a tiny space.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 6
The Laura Bay is launched! And Warren Messer is really pleased with her. And why not? She rows well; she sails fast; and just look at those beautiful lines!

Patricia Ann - a 12 ft. Pocket Tug
Here is a great little Tug-Yacht by Mike Gill that will look great tooling around the bay. Build it as a gold plater or a work boat; either way it's all fun.

Solo 12
There is no doubting the appeal of a tiny trimaran that is easy to build and goes like stink. Chris Ostlind has whipped one up that looks like a million dollars.


Return to the River
Last year, Skip Johnson and I attempted the Colorado River 100 mile race but fell short. This year he got a new partner and a new boat and made it.

Twin Keels
Here is a design proposal from Chris Ostlind. I think it's worth the price of admission just to look at Chris' lovely computer renditions.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 5
Now it is time for Warren Messer to start making all the little bits that take so much time: the foils, the mast and sprit, the partner, the rudder...

Oz PDRacer
You might call this PDRacer 2.0 - Australian designer Michael Storer has produced a refined set of plans for the PDRacer and he calls it the Oz PDRacer.


Astra's Story - Part 1
Here is an epic story of a boat designed and built in Sweeten, shipped to South Africa, raced extensively, and when it was about to be cut up for firewood....

Astra's Story - Part 2
.... saved by folks who could not stand to see a proud old ship destroyed. Roy McBride tells the story. It's so big we had to present it in two parts.

Stuart James attended this year's BEER Cruise in a tiny microcruiser - make that nanocruiser. Craig Gleason describes this interesting boat in detail.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 4
It's really starting to look like a boat. In this part, Warren Messer demonstrates fairing and finishing a boat for painting. Next time: the sailing rig.


The KD860
Bernd Kohler has designed another catamaran. He figures this one is a good compromise between creature comfort and efficient sailing behavior.

Flippin Boat
At first glance this looks off the wall, but Chris Ostlind has put a lot of thought into this unusual design. He thinks it could work. What do you think?

Several who saw Steve Bosquette's little outboard skiff at last years Kingston Messabout asked for plans. Steve has made them available here.

Building the 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 3
Here is a rare view into the design process. Follow as Warren Messer builds the first Laura Bay and makes many decisions about the final form along the way.


The Optimist Dinghy
Is a wood/epoxy composite boat faster than its fiberglass equivalent? In this case Roy McBride found out that it was.

Pacific Troller Dory
You might have seen this little boat in a recent issue of Outdoor Life Magazine. It's by my friend Paul Butler who has been doing this sort of thing for a while.

Laura Bay - Part 2
In the second Part of Warren Messer's construction guide, he talks about taping the joints. This is good information to apply to any boat with taped joints.

Looking for a pocket cruiser? Have you thought about building in steel? Consider this redesign of Sam Rabl's Picaroon from the board of Wes Farmer.

Phoenix 3
Has Ross Lillistone designed and built the perfect row/sail/outboard beachcruiser of minimum dimensions and weight? Decide for yourself.


Wing-Nut the Wheelbarrow Boat
Not allowed to tie your boat up at a local dock? Bruce Hector shows us how he got around that rule and made the boat easier to transport at the same time.

Wes Farmer designed a lot of interesting boats, but none is simpler or more to the point of what a boat should do. Read his own words.

Wanderer Update
A while back, Bob Throne asked for help with a pocket cruiser he was designing. He has made a lot of progress. Here is an update.

Dani Jay
Here is Jim Michalak's latest - a low power boat that is evocative of the steam powered picnic launches from a century ago.

The 9.5 Laura Bay
If you are looking for a fast dinghy to compete with Lazers, Warren Messer's Laura Bay may be just the boat for you.


3 Models
Warren Messer has been busy. This time he has three new PDF models to print and build. This makes a total of 5. Start your collection today.

Lutra Laker and Little Laker
If you are looking for the perfect fishing boat to build, do not fail to check Dave Nichols' latest additions to his Lutra line of lapstrake boats.

Hudson Springs Pram
Here is Warren Messer's latest design. If you are looking for a burdensome rowboat or a great fly fishing boat, you need look no further.

Designing a Safari Boat
Skip Johnson likes to design fast canoes. Here is an article about the process and some pictures of one of his boats being built.

Aluminum Shantys
Are you close to retiring? Have you thought of moving onto a Shanty? It is definitely a viable option, especially if you build one of Harold Duffield's boats.


Loony Tunes Along the Rideau
Two somewhat similar original designs made an appearance on Ontario's Rideau Canal. Bruce Hector was there to get the story and pictures.

Robinson Crusoe
This is an excerpt from an old Boatbuilding Annual by Weston Farmer. Although the material is old, it is interesting and surprisingly relevant.


Today we are adding a new name to the list of designers we represent. Warren Messer begins with a small, simple pram and there is lots more to come.

Origami Folding Dinghy
Have you been looking for a dink that will fit on the deck of your microcruiser? There is not a smaller tender than this around and you can build it yourself.

I think David Godsey may be onto something. He has commissioned this lovely little ketch to be built in Aluminum. I can't wait to see the real thing.

Here is a blast from the past. Wes Farmer designed this minimal outboard cruiser for ply construction. Much of what he says still applies today.


A64 - Tacking Outrigger
It's not a catamaran; It's not a Trimaran; It's not a Proa. What is a Tacking Outrigger? Chris Ostlind reveals all in this preview of his new design.

Pocket Cruiser (comments wanted)
Bob Thorne is designing a cruising sailboat for himself and he is taking the extraordinary step of exhibiting his plans so far and asking for comments.

More About American Proas
Proas have quite a few aficionados and Craig O'Donnell is definitely one of them. Here is a great short history of the developement of the American proa.


XCR - Expedition Double Sailing Canoe
With the 2006 Everglades Challenge just around the corner, Chris Ostlind has released another exdedition canoe suitable for such adventures.

In this reprint from "The Rudder" magazine, Wes Farmer tells a story to illustrate how he came up with the idea for this tiniest of inboard motor boats.

Evolution of Wings III
Part 3 of Dave Nichols' story about the design and building the sailing canoe "Wings" - the latest in his "Lutra" series of fly fishing boats