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  • July Letters

  • The Keuka Whaler - Part Eight: B
    Now comes the noisy bit.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part Eight: A
    The American whaleboat was crewed by 6 men, one of whom was the helmsman: that left 5 to row.


  • July Splash

  • Sabre
    My wife and I race a Flying Scot, but when she got a job that interfered with our racing I started looking for a single hand racing dinghy to build.

    Balancing the Helm
    A new look at natural course stability.


  • July Reports

  • Old Man Winter Took the Weekend Off
    We looked out the window at 7:00 Saturday morning January 14th and saw a thick coating of frost on our Toyota Van and wondered if anyone would be coming to the second annual MLK Kayak Regatta.

    2011 Texas 200 in a Day Sailer II - Part Five
    Having learned from my mistakes in 2010, I added to and refined some of my preparations for the 2011 attempt.


  • July Treasure Chest

  • Pensacola and Beyond
    We spent two nights on the anchor as we moved toward Pensacola and the charts on the computer proved very useful in finding a good spot to drop the hook.

    50th Anniversary Boat Build - Part Two
    One thing I've learned as I've gotten older is that even the best laid plans change.

    Trolley for Kayaks or Inflatable Canoes
    After many years of use my old home-built Kayak trolley needed replacing.


  • July Webwatch

  • The Texas 200
    It's about to start. The link is to the The Texas 200 facebook page where you can catch the last minute preparations and follow the event.

    The queasy feeling is spreading that TEOTWAWKI is coming. Maybe soon. Market collapses, trouble in EuroZone, sovereign default, liquidity crises, credit still stand...

    Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part One
    When a museum or non-profit organization looks into building a replica of a historic ship, they want to create a living testimony to the original men and ships that sailed the seas.

    Toledo Community Boathouse Christmas Boat Build.

    "Bateaus and Chateaus" - Part Two
    Off to the town of Amboise we went, arriving just in time for Peter and I to enjoy a rapid sprint thought the fabulous Chateau Amboise.

    A Sail On "Muritai"
    I posted a message on the Sail Oklahoma group saying that the sail I got aboard George Cunningham's Welsford designed Houdini, "Muritai", was the highlight of my trip.

    Where to Build – Part One
    The shelter choice is no easier to make than the selection of the boat and the dinghy.