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The BYYB Southeastern Fleet is going to have a messabout on Saturday the 23rd of August at lake Norman, S.C. weather permitting. We will post directions in a day or two on the BYYB site We are inviting every one to come and have a good time and meet new people and old friends. Bring your own food and beverages. Some people will be spending the night.
Ed Jones

chuck: a very clever kyack carrier spotted in the parking lot next to the marina in Port Hardy, British Columbia
Bruce Armstrong/Santa Barbara


I've finally found this site which actually sells bamboo stock, and in the "poles" section, even specifies that they have some for junk sail battens. just the thing for masts and stuff...

Andy Pucko


It’s amazing what PR folks send you through the post – I got the attached picture as part of an invitation to a function. The words on the front of the cup are “American Power Boat Association Unlimited Cup”

Beneath, the inscription reads ‘1949 Salton Sea Harry Baker “Blackjack”

Does anybody know anything about this race? Or indeed the two bruisers in the cup, neither of whom I would be happy to meet on down a dark alley at night?

All best,

Chris Partridge
The Globe House
West Sussex
PO18 8AR

Finaly got the new issue of Chebacco up. Enjoy, and think about what you want to submit for the next one!

In order to help defray some of the expense of maintaining the Chebacco webzine, I'm going to have a calendar printed up, to sell. Maybe a couple of other things as well.

Anyone who has hi resolution photos of their boats that they want in the calendar, please send them.

If your boat is used in a calendar (or whatever), you can buy it at my cost.i

Richard Spelling


The Formula 48 Multihull Class Owners Association is pleased to announce that a second source of hulls and cross beams are now available here in the U.S. The "short" kits consist of the main hull, two floats, two cross beams, rudder, daggerboard, all basic dimensions, and a small brochure of possible suppliers where additional items to complete the boat can be purchased. The design is based on the original "NIGHTMARE" design by Ernst Zeamann and owned by Mark Baldacchino of Phoenix, Arizona. Photo of completed boat can be seen on the AMYA Website under the multihull section. The hulls meet the Mini40 Class specifications as well.

The cost of the "short" kits are as follows:

Glass and polyester resin: $525 (US)
Glass and epoxy resin: $575 (US)

Carbon fabric and epoxy resin: $650 (US)
(sorry - carbon and polyester resin not available)

Plus cost of shipping.--email Ian (see below for email address)

Orders and construction are being done by

Mr. Ian Sammis
202 N. Rock Rd #701
Wichita, KS, 67206

Money order required. 50% down payment at time of order and remainder due prior to shipping. Allow 1 month for completion from time of order.

For questions, please contact Ian at or by telephone at 316-371-7809

The F-48 Association is pleased to welcome Ian as a builder and supplier of F-48 Class hulls. Along with MicroSail, Ian can meet your needs if you are interested in sailing these extremely fast boats.

The F-48 Multihull Class Owners Association does not recommend or endorse these builders, and this notice is not to be construed as a recommendation. It is for information only, and like any purchase, buyers should make their own decisions.

Chuck -

I just posted the info page for the next Conroe messabout:

Will be held Saturday Sep 20th.

We are having a $50 sailboat race. It is a downwind only race of sailboats that have been made from a maximum of $50 worth of materials. The info page about it is here:



Here is the flyer for the upcoming TV segment on building the Bionic Log. It looks like I'll be doing another 3 man design for a Belize race, the Ruta Maya for some younger, lighter Texas paddlers.

Best Wishes,

Skip Johnson

The 12th Annual Lake Monroe Messabout
September 19, 20, 21, 2003

Get in one last fling before winter. The Lake Monroe Messabout brings together enthusiasts who love to build, use, and discuss small boats (sail, paddle, oar). Bring a boat, if you can. Otherwise, bring boat plans, pictures, tales, and your interest in small boats. Note: Armchair sailors are welcome. Those without boats are encouraged to attend. There are enough boats so that everyone can get on the water.

The Messabout will be held on the shores of Indiana’s beautiful Lake Monroe (10,000+ acres) at the Paynetown State Recreation Area, which has boat ramps, a beach, and a campground. The campground has sites for tents and RVs. No sites will be reserved; we will congregate in the tent area (sites 1-10, 28-32) near the store that you come to before you get to the campground control station. There is a home I.U. football game that weekend, so hotel rooms will be tight. But, here are some motel suggestions: Best Western, 4501 E. 3rd St., 812-332-2141; Century Suites Hotel, 300 St. Rd. 446, 812-336-7777; Travel Lodge, 2615 E. 3rd St., 812-339-6191 (or consider staying in Indianapolis or Columbus).

There is no schedule for the weekend. Typically, people arrive on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The Messabout begins to dissolve Sunday afternoon. We will have a pitch-in supper Saturday night. If your last name begins with A-L, please contribute a salad, pasta, or hot dish; if M-Z, please contribute a vegetable, fruit, or dessert. Bring your own service, drink, and meat.

Bloomington is 50 miles south of Indianapolis on SR 37. If coming from Indy, take the SR 46 Bypass around the northeast side of Bloomington (hopefully before or after the football traffic), then east on SR 46 (E. Third St.) to SR 446 south. Go south on 446 to Paynetown State Recreational Area.

Bob Bringle, 141 E. 44th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 (W) 317-274-6753 (H) 317-283-8321 Email:

Hi Chuck,
We went paddling yesterday as a family I took the Stealth, the Yakette and the blue Skinboat. Called my buddy and tried to get him to bring the gray skinboat down too, but he had to work a double shift since some folks were vacationing. Kaye is pissed off to the max because she found out this morning they scheduled her doctor's appointments and tests on Thurday and Friday ...same weekend as the messabout in Canada.

Here's a pic of me and Kaye yesterday. Me in my Yakette and her in the blue skinboat. For a non-paddler she really liked the stability, speed and ease of paddling and was surprised all the way around with the skinboat. Hell I been tell'n her that for a long time.....Years it seems like! But she won't admit to that!

Danny, my daughter's boyfriend had the Stealth across the lake somewhere and when he got back as a tipical 17 year old idiot would do...he stood up in the Stealth! WE got a picture of that! Seventeen year old boys are nuts! I think I was one at one time! No doubt in my mind I'd have done the same thing back then ..not now! Been so long I can't remember! I figured he'd get dumped and I'd have go drag his skinny ass out of the drink, but somehow he managed to stay dry! He was lucky! and I told him so! But this lake is shallow where he performed his majestic feat of balance!

His famous saying is "Tastes just like chicken!" The new one since he proved he could stand up in the kayak..."It's all in the hips!" He's a great kid and keeps us laughing a lot....even me! Kinda reminds me of me. His antics bring back many old memories......some ain't good!

It's hot as hell today and so humid I need gills to breath but have to finish trimming the grass. Maybe I'll get to do some painting on something sometime this week or everything I
bring to the messabout including the Teardrop will look as beat up as it does now!

They're taking Kaye off pasta, rice, taters, and related foods to help her get some weight off cause by the 2 of the cancer medicines. Keeps her looking bloated and swollen a lot. Really shows to me in the pics I take of her. They said that she needed to get the weight down so they won't have to do a knee replacement at her age. She's too young for that. Has arthritis bad in her knees but never complains about anything......'cept me of when I do something stupid and go paddling in the middle of a raging thunderstorm with high winds and extremely rough water just to see what will happen! I look at it this way. I want to know how that little boat is going to handle adverse conditions! I've been caught several miles from land in open boats....did a lot of bailing, cussing, and was always soaked to the bone, and cold as a bitch too! I keep trying to 'splain to people as Dezi Arnez would say to Lucy. I don't like bailing and/or get'n my ass wet! I put on a poncho, drape it over the cockpit and "moi" stays do the boat!

Later, Richard Frye