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  • July Letters
  • Be Sure and Salt Your Decks - Part One
    This is written to simplify the building of a small catamaran, so that others could get in the water who want to give it a try.

    Yostheads Unite
    Tom Yost's Amazing Cornucopia of Free Kayak Designs.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • July Splash

  • A Lifetime Hobby of Building Boats
    It was the spring of 1949, and a 11 year old boy just had to find a way to build a boat, no, a sailboat. I was that kid and can even at this time remember it as if it were today.

    A New Quick Construction System
    Many quick boat construction systems exists. Almost all of them are faster than traditional boat building. Compared with each other it is less clear which system is really fast.

    One Sheet Creations
    Seeing many of the one sheet creations out there has got my creative juices going on these long nights. So always being up for a challenge, I have come with this offering as a one sheet boat.

  • July Reports

  • Special Report: 2011

    2010 OBX 130
    Big Weather, Choppy Seas, Shallow Waters: Sailing a Windrider 17 Trimaran in the 2010 OBX 130.

    Sextants vs. GPS
    A while back there was a stimulating discussion string on the dwforum on using sextants and some comparison of sextants vs. GPS. Here's my thoughts on it.

  • July Treasure Chest

  • The 9th Australian Wooden Boat Festival
    The 9th biannual Australian Wooden Boat Festival was held from the 11th to the 13th of February 2011 to coincide with the 173rd Royal Hobart Regatta.

    Travis Traverse
    The Travis Traverse, a do it yourself with others camp cruise, was held during late December and into the new year.

  • July Webwatch
  • Vision Quest/Man Quest 2010
    There's something about marine bioluminescence that triggers a primeval response in me.

    I couldn't stop smiling
    After years of building boats, I didn't think I could be so impressed by sailing a single boat, but here I was and I just couldn't stop smiling and saying this is way too much fun!

    A Tale of Ships
    If you can imagine a table by the window of a harborside tavern, somewhere around 1880, a town by the sea...the day is grey, misty and cool with but a hint of a coming wind...

    Pathfinder Cabin - Part Three
    The assembled cabin sits on the shop floor and is being used as a form for making the hatch sliding rails and the hatch assembly.

    Cheap Sails for Fast Boats - Part Two
    I thought that if I held out I could eventually get two small fully battened mains from a fast dinghy class that would be about right, but the prices were a bit beyond my pain threshold, something like $150 each.

    Cheap Sails for Fast Boats - Part One
    One can indeed go fast for cheap. Can you go fast for very cheap?

    The Early Voyagers of the Iron Age - The East
    In July of the year 1405 AD, during the Ming Dynasty,  a vast fleet of 62 ships lay at anchor in Liujia harbour near Suzhou, China.