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  • May Letters
  • Strength Testing of "Tape & Glue" Joints
    I have a confession to make, I don't like fiberglass. Well, to be more precise, I don't like epoxy, I have nothing against the fiberglass cloth itself. I don't like buying epoxy, it is expensive stuff.

    A series of how I did it stories from John Welsford, proud new owner of May, a modern interpretation of a South Coast English cutter.

    Mark Steele’s Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • May Splash

  • Modifying A Trolling Motor
    Propulsion can consist of paddles, oars, or some type of motor, either electric or gasoline powered. These options were going to need some reworking because the boat was a Seaclipper 16 trimaran.

    Windmill 1061 Sails Again
    Joe mentioned to Barbara that he sure would like to see his boat sail on Lake Jacomo again, even though he could no longer sail her himself. That's all it took for Barbara to contact Lake Jacomo. This led to me.

  • May Reports

  • 2010 Lake Pepin Messabout
    It was one of those Chamber of Commerce June days at the campground on Lake Pepin - sunny, steady warm breeze, brilliant blue sky.

    A Minimalist Hybrid Electric Shantyboat
    A few years ago, I got a job offer I couldn't refuse, so moved from Tucson, AZ to Peoria, IL with my family of 5.  The only way I could retain any sanity in that decision was to dream about riverboats.

  • May Treasure Chest

  • Suit the Power to the Hull Shape
    Sometimes changes in the size of a boat can be made by increasing or reducing the plan dimensions by a small increment - say 10% - but often that is a dangerous thing to do.

    Free Winter Canoe and Kayak Plan Project
    Over the last 9 years, I've built, on average, one canoe or kayak per year, but for the last year, because I've lived in a house without a workshop, I haven't built any. I decided to do something different.

    QT Rowing Skiff
    About three and a half years ago I discovered Duckworks and my first purchase was to buy and devour Boatbuilding for Beginners by Jim Michalak. The QT Skiff Followed.

  • May Webwatch
  • SLACKTIDE's Sea Trials: Breaking in our T26x7: 3
    Leg II: Baranof WarmSprings to Haines - Early July to Early September 2010 - 237nm

    Black Scabbard Fish (Aphanopus Carbo)
    For many of you winter is a time of hibernation, for some a time of boat building and for others, like me, a time of annual holidays.

    Pirate Ship Playhouse
    Remember me? I was the person who sent an email and pictures of the Pirate ship playhouse that I'm building for My special needs daughter based on a 1962 Chris Craft Constellation.

    New Designs: Three of the Best
    Hapscut - DarcyBryn - OliveOyl by Jim Michalak

    Crazy Viking War Canoe
    The guy who invented the moaning chair was a pure genius. I wear my seat to a frazzle.

    Flashlight Upgrades
    I wasn't sure whether to include this article, as it is not strictly boat-related. But the more I thought about it, the more important it seemed.