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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Here's a video showing our first test of a Power W500.


Here's a link to a vid I made with a mate and his remote controlled drone. Most amusing.


If someone puts in "duckworksmagazine" into the comment section when they make a purchase I will reimburse them the shipping when they receive the package. I also make custom orders and if anyone was having a messabout and wanted a lot of them as a give away or to sell or whatever I will be happy to help.

Paul Moffitt

Free Ebooks:

The Moon Pool by A. MERRITT

The Trembling of a Leaf by William Somerset Maugham

The Cruise of the Snark, by Jack London

Mike John

I've got some trial youtube clips up on my website which you might be interested in - see the ones labelled "New" on my "video".

Ross Lillistone

Some good videos here.


Whale grabs anchor rode in mouth and takes off giving the sailboat a ride; on video (kinda').


The Cardboard Boat Book. Their Website.


I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter. Big newsletter, lots of exciting stuff going on this month and results from the world championship.


 An e-book for your webwatch. The Venturesome voyages of Captain Voss. And the oldest boat yet found - this Netherlands site describes the finding, preservation, replication and paddling of a ten thousand year old boat.


Special Webwatch Section - Sail Oklahoma

John's Sail Oklahoma Blog Entry.

I have posted a couple of other videos. Some of them are kind of short. Here are the videos:

Sail Oklahoma 2011, Welsford Pathfinder

Welsford Sherpa and Electric Tugboat

More Ducks on the water

Duck Launching Difficulties

Spectators Watching the Ducks

My apologies, but these are just little snippets of things rather than any kind of concentrated feature.

My wife Debbie was kind enough to take these while I was out floundering around in the wind.


I have posted to YouTube a video of the comments made by Graham (left), John (middle) and Jim (right) at the evening question time at Mike and Jackies' house. It is a bit long and goes into the evening - hence the lack of picture at the end, but the comments are great.

The video:


Hey guys, sorry I just got around to doing this.

I have loaded about 700 photos from the Sail Oklahoma event. I will be honest most of them are not keepers. But I put them all there anyways. Feel free to look through and take any you want for yourself. These are lower res versions of the photo's, I do have full 25mb raws of everything. If you see a photo you would like to use for anything just send me links to those photo's and I will get you whatever size you specify. I just ask that any photo's being reposted give me credit for them.

Kevin Hahn

I have 2 videos on YouTube now:

John Goodman

Well here is another youtube video. Too bad I didn't get to take any pictures while I was bumming rides on other peoples' boats. Also, I could kick myself for all the pictures I missed when the camera was in the truck. If I get to attend one of these again; I'll bring my daughter's waterproof camera.


The first video is of the first race showing part of the first windward and reaching legs.


Pictures from me.

John Owens

We Can't Wait for the Next Sail Oklahoma


I think my daughter has a great blog going on the project.  You may want to take a look, we sand the fairing and apply three coats of epoxy, then flip it for cockpit work.


This is the first video and this is the second of the Rio Grande trip we had recently.


It's a lot smaller than some of the adventures you feature on these pages, but it might interest you anyhow...


New issue of Chebacco online at

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