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Customers and Friends,
Please mark your calendars to join us in Santee, SC on October 10-12, 2003 for good food, good company and wooden boats! We've attached a .pdf format flyer, or you can visit the event webpage at:

See you all in Santee!
Henry Corley
Gator Boat Co.

Here is a LINK to a cute story in my local paper about sail training for kids.

Andy Pucko

The 12th Annual
Lake Monroe Messabout
September 19, 20, 21, 2003

Get in one last fling before winter. The Lake Monroe Messabout brings together enthusiasts who love to build, use, and discuss small boats (sail, paddle, oar). Bring a boat, if you can. Otherwise, bring boat plans, pictures, tales, and your interest in small boats. Note: Armchair sailors are welcome. Those without boats are encouraged to attend. There are enough boats so that everyone can get on the water.

The Messabout will be held on the shores of Indiana’s beautiful Lake Monroe (10,000+ acres) at the Paynetown State Recreation Area, which has boat ramps, a beach, and a campground. The campground has sites for tents and RVs. No sites will be reserved; we will congregate in the tent area (sites 1-10, 28-32) near the store that you come to before you get to the campground control station. There is a home I.U. football game that weekend, so hotel rooms will be tight. But, here are some motel suggestions: Best Western, 4501 E. 3rd St., 812-332-2141; Century Suites Hotel, 300 St. Rd. 446, 812-336-7777; Travel Lodge, 2615 E. 3rd St., 812-339-6191 (or consider staying in Indianapolis or Columbus).

There is no schedule for the weekend. Typically, people arrive on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The Messabout begins to dissolve Sunday afternoon. We will have a pitch-in supper Saturday night. If your last name begins with A-L, please contribute a salad, pasta, or hot dish; if M-Z, please contribute a vegetable, fruit, or dessert. Bring your own service, drink, and meat.

Bloomington is 50 miles south of Indianapolis on SR 37. If coming from Indy, take the SR 46 Bypass around the northeast side of Bloomington (hopefully before or after the football traffic), then east on SR 46 (E. Third St.) to SR 446 south. Go south on 446 to Paynetown State Recreational Area.

Bob Bringle, 141 E. 44th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 (W) 317-274-6753 (H) 317-283-8321 Email:

Chuck: It's the finishing touches that count for a nice job......bruce armstrong

Hi Chuck!

Just got your latest, good stuff.

Wonder if you could help us us with a bit of publicity - the plans are one of our few sources of income in Watchet Boat Museum.

Watchet Boat Museum has the largest collection of Somerset Flatners in the world. These flat-bottomed double-ended boats of 19ft length overall and 5ft 6in beam were once common from Watchet to Weston-super-Mare, and on the rivers and moors of Somerset. Also on display is the equipment used with these boats, including the special nets, outboard motors and much more.

Defined as double ended with a non edge joined longitudinally planked bottom and with no keel, this style of working boat is still in use in many parts of the world. The Somerset boats are almost unique in the British Isles, and were once very common and used for a wide variety of purposes, carrying peat, withies and as general farm transport before the age of mechanisation.

Few remain in use, although this sailing boat is seeing something of a revival as a day boat, thanks to the efforts of The Friends of the Flatner, a group formed in 1996. Several have been built and are in use purely for leisure sailing. Details of the other types of Somerset flatners may be found in Eric McKee's definitive work, Working Boats of Britain.

A new set of scale model plans for this graceful boat is now available from Watchet Boat Museum for a very reasonable GBP15, including UK P&P. The package includes plans, drawings and many photographs of model and real boats, with full instructions on how to build your own model, scale or sailing, to any size you choose. Also included is a CD with many more pictures and all the text and drawings. All proceeds go to Museum funds. Cheques payable to FOFA at: John Nash, 3 Almyr Terrace, Watchet, Somerset, TA23 0DB. The collection is housed in the historic old West Somerset Railway Goods Shed in Harbour Road, Watchet. The Museum is run by volunteers from The Friends of the Flatner and for details of opening times, please ring 01984 633117 or 01984 634242, or email

Above: The Flatner boat from the Watchet Boat Museum (Based on a drawing by Eric McKee, reproduced by kind permission of Mrs Betty McKee and Conway Maritime Press)

Plans for a full size boat are currently being overhauled and will be ready soon. For deatils please contact John Nash, details above.


SAVE CONSIDERABLY on the cost of applying Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation. For an immediate quotation or just to ask a question you can email or speak directly with an applicator (not a sales person) by calling 0161 962 6555, or send an email to

You can also find information on our website at

John Sheridan
Spray Foam Contracts Ltd
Manchester UK

In order to help defray some of the expense of maintaining the Chebacco webzine, I'm going to have a calendar printed up, to sell. Maybe a couple of other things as well.

Anyone who has high resolution photos of their boats that they want in the calendar, please send them.

If your boat is used in a calendar (or whatever), you can buy it at my cost.

Richard Spelling

Chuck -

I just posted the info page for the next Conroe messabout:

Will be held Saturday Sep 20th.

We are having a $50 sailboat race. It is a downwind only race of sailboats that have been made from a maximum of $50 worth of materials. The info page about it is here:


Emergency Underwater Yacht Epoxy Repair

A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's Underwater

Epoxies Used:

  • Corro Coat FC 2100 (brushable Kevlar (tm) and Ceramic epoxy
    paint/resin that can be applied underwater)
  • WET/DRY 700 (Kevlar (tm) thickened epoxy paste that can be
    applied underwater)
  • and a discontinued "5 minute" underwater epoxy paste (has
    been replaced with Quick Fix 2300)

Email Message
Subject: Progressive Epoxies
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:36:47 -0770 (PDT)
From: Joy Sxxxx <>

Remember me? Joy Smith and her sunk boat in Papua New Guinea around Christmas time last year?? By the time I finally left my boat and got off the island, got to civilization and then found your website, in my desperate search for an air-shippable underwater epoxy, we had been marooned on remote Hermit Is., PNG for two months.

Banshee sank on October 21, 2002, in three minutes, after
hitting a coral head and was completely underwater for three days. There was a 6 ft. crack through the hull and a punched in hole about a foot in diameter. The damage was massive.

Leslie patched the hull with old Z-Spar Splash Zone and a piece of wood a villager shaped with an axe. We kedged it off the reef, winched it upright, and then the villagers built an underwater cradle of lashed together logs to support Banshee. We bailed with buckets during a very low tide at night. She floated. The inside of the boat was trashed, the electric/electronics destroyed, the engine unusable, lots of things stolen, and diesel oil, sandy sea water and ocean bottom rubble and mold covered everything. But the sailing rig survived.

However, it soon became apparent that the old Z-Spar patch would never hold for a 300 mile open sea voyage to Madang, PNG and dry dock for hull repair. As I told you when I wrote in December, the hull was steadily leaking, and we knew the temporary repair would not last much longer.

I was desperate to save my boat that has been my life for 32 years.

I bought your underwater epoxy, and you shipped it to Manus Is., PNG. I picked it up and returned to the remote island of Hermit-what a name!! Almost didn't make it back as a storm came up while we were in the open 26 ft. boat making it back to the island. 36 hrs in an open boat with heavy seas with local bush people and me! BUT I HAD THE EPOXY AND KNEW WE WOULD NOW SAIL BANSHEE OFF HERMIT.

The whole saga is a very very long story of an incredible three month ordeal for two women alone. I got back to Hermit in mid January, and Les and I applied your stuff according to your directions. We patched the hull inside and out as you said. By then, the leakage from the 10 year old Z-Spar Splash Zone was getting worse. However, your stuff stopped all the leaks.

After 3 weeks of working on the boat, we left Hermit for the voyage to Madang, PNG. Sailing the 300 miles with no engine, no electrics, no autopilot, no functioning liferaft, and very little food or water. There were very high winds and rough seas and then dead calms, and we only had wind and sails alone to get us across that ocean. YOUR REPAIR STUFF HELD!! The hull had a fierce pounding-but no leaks. WE MADE IT!! We were towed in at the entrance to Madang Harbor and collapsed in exhaustion.

If we had not had your epoxy - our boat, which is our life, would still be under water at Hermit. We owe a debt of gratitude to you. The boat was put up in a primitive dry dock, and we literally cut out the repaired hull with a diamond tipped saw. Your stuff eats sanding grinders! We are good at epoxy repair of hulls-thank goodness, because no one here knew anything. Before we had properly repaired big holes where thru-hulls had been removed by building up larger and larger layers of mat and roving with epoxy resin. Leslie is very good at that-having worked in a fiberglass repair shop. This was just a bigger job.

Ghastly work. We have pictures of the repair and the 6 ft. long crack and hole in the hull.

We are now safely sitting in an anchorage in Madang rebuilding, and rewiring with our very limited funds. We plan to leave Madang for Guam and employment in December. The story became such an incredible one about doing the impossible that some publishers in the states are interested. I am writing a book about the whole ordeal. There will be an article in Sailing magazine. An article in the online magazine of Andrew Corp.. makers of our GPS antenna, has gone to press. Now, ACR Electronics, maker of our EPIRB that notified authorities of our disaster, is interested in an online article.

All because you were kind, took time to help me, and had the right stuff. I should have written many times before, but work on the boat kept interrupting me. Its been non-stop since we got in. You and your company will have star billing in any written piece that comes from me. Also, I think it's important for sailors to feel that if the unspoken fear that we all have - holing and sinking - actually happens, one has options other than just walking away as so many told me to do. Two women did this - they can too! I am 61 and Leslie is 44. We did not walk away!

I feel that any person taking a boat to sea anywhere, anytime, should carry your product aboard and know how to apply it. If I can assist you in distributing or advertising
your product, I am more than happy to do so.

Very thankfully,

Joy S. and Leslie B.,
US Yacht Banshee
Madang, Papua New Guinea

Vendors Note:
These epoxies are available for private label and resell.
They are non hazmat to ship.

One underwater repair trick is to soak sponge/foam rubber with the thin/brushable FC 2100 epoxy and then jam (caulk) underwater seams, cracks, holes, etc. with the epoxy soaked foam. It will swell to form a tight seal and become rock hard.

PAUL OMAN ----- Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc.
Frog Pond Hollow - 48 Wildwood Dr - Pittsfield NH 03263
603-435-7199 FAX 603-435-7182 VISA/MC/Discover

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