Doubt that this was "home-built, but it sure is cute. - Max

Wakulla Springs' visitors enjoying the ride down river aboard
the seatless "alligator boat" Florida 1941

Spent the weekend in Georgetown, SC for the wooden boat show and thought I'd send you a comment about it. What a great show. There are a lot of wooden boat builders doing some interesting things down here in the south. This was the 14th annual event, and there were an estimated (by me) 5000 people in attendance. Mark Van Abbemma had his Mark V-39 there, as did Tom Lathrop with his Bluejacket design, plus a variety of other wooden boat both on shore and at the docks. They had a quick and dirty boat building contest with 20 teams or so, and a race across the Sampit River when all were completed. There was judging for several different categories including "Best Owner designed and built". Lots of support from the local businesses and the streets blocked off downtown made for one really great event. Plan to attend it you are in South Carolina in October.

Brad Indicott
Lenoir, NC

Underwater Vehicle with Muscle Drive

Dear Sirs:

We call your attention to a unique development by Russian scientists - a two-seater, multipurpose, dry, muscle-driven underwater apparatus. Different modifications provide for application of the underwater apparatus (UA) for a great variety of purposes:

  • sport
  • travel
  • scientific-research
  • underwater-archeology
  • observation, video-shooting
  • commercial
  • show-entertainment
  • production
  • rescue
  • guarding

In case you have an interest with regards to this project, you can find all the necessary information about it on our project site:

For us it is important to know your opinion about the project. Please fill in the questionnaire placed on the site. All the data acquired as the result of this questionnaire will be used for further improvement of the underwater apparatus in order to make it comply with your requirements as much as possible.

Thank you for cooperation.

A wretched excess in Yachting

The world's largest sailing sloop (click for more)

Bruce Armstrong

I'm happy to announce an update to Free Boat Design Resources.

Gavin Atkin

There is a new issue of Chebacco online at

Hi folks,

The following is aimed at anyone within reach of the San
Juan Islands. It is also being posted on the Western Oregon Messabout list. Hope to hear from you!

To all builders, sailors, drivers and other fans of small boats:

Last summer Chuck Gottfried and I sailed from opposite shores and met up at Sucia Island State Park, in the San Juan Islands. We started talking about what a great place Sucia, with its campgrounds and choice of anchorages, would be for a bunch of small boat sailors (I use the term generically) to get together.

So what this is, folks, is an open invitation to small boaters, whether they sail, power, row or whatever, to come to Sucia Island next summer for the 2004 Small-Boat-Nut Rendezvous.

Click here for more information

Jamie Orr


We offer great prices on marine engine and transmission parts. MAN, Yanmar, Deutz, MTU, ZF, Twin Disc, Reintjes, and Phasor just to name a few. Before you buy, send us an e-mail with model number and list of parts you would like a quote on. We will reply with an excellent quote and fantastic service. Why pay list price for anything!!!

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PRESS RELEASE: Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. adds a flexibilized version of its Corro Coat FC 2100 epoxy to its line of Epoxies ® (The Finest Trans-surface Epoxies).

11/03 Pittsfield, NH: Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc., suppliers of Marine Epoxies ® - ("The Finest Trans-surface Epoxies") has announced the introduction of a flexibilized version of their Corro-Coat FC 2100 epoxy which joins the other products in their family of FC 2100 epoxies (INCLUDING FC 2100 FAST - A MAINTENANCE COATING FOR WINTER TEMPERATURES - WORKS UNDERWATER!).

The increased flexibility of the new FC 2100 (Corro - Coat FC 2100 FLEX) provides better impact resistance than the standard FC 2100. It utilizes a solvent-free, non hazmat formulation for application on wet, damp, or saturated surfaces (even underwater). Easy 1:1 mix ratio. 2- gal kit $180.

Other epoxies in the FC 2100 family include:

Standard Corro Coat FC 2100. A solvent free, non-hazmat, kevlar (tm) and ceramic reinforced, brushable epoxy that can be applied to dry, damp or submerged surfaces. Simple 2:1 mix ratio. A hard, rigid epoxy for maximum wear and abrasion resistance. 1.5 gal kit $130.

FC 2100 N - a solvent free, non-hazmat Novolac version of the standard 2100. Offers enhanced chemical resistance. Easy 2:1 mix ratio. 1.5 gal kit $145.

FC 2100 FAST - a cold weather version of FC 2100 for application on dry, damp or submerged surfaces in the 35 - 60 degree F range. Requires Hazmat shipping. Easy 2:1 mix ratio. 1.5 gal kit $145.

FC 2100 HT - a version of 2100 designed for higher temperature applications. Requires Hazmat shipping. 4:1 mix ratio. 1.25 gal kit $155.

WET / DRY 700 - a paste version of FC 2100 is also available under the WET / DRY 700 label. Non hazmat to ship, solvent free "oatmeal" thick coating with Kevlar (tm) microfibers. Easy 1:1 mix ratio - color is white. A "quick setting" mercaptan based 5 - 20 minute version is available as Quick Fix 2300 (also non hazmat and solvent free). 1 gal kit $76.

The Corro-Coat FC 2100 family of epoxies is part of Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc.'s line of Marine Epoxies - providing the right epoxy product for every situation. FC 2100 was originated as a "formulating makeover" and performance upgrade to an previous older line of Kevlar (tm) enhanced epoxies offered by Progress Epoxy Polymers. The company also offers a complete line of epoxy putties, marine epoxies, NSP approved epoxies, fillers and thickeners.

All the FC 2100 epoxies are available for resell and private labeling. Typical applications include tanks, pits, sumps, coolers, and marine barrier coats.

For additional information, visit the Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. websites at:
Technical contact: Paul Oman


Our recently added EZ thick epoxy thickener has been very popular and is much easier to stir into epoxy than our fumed silica. In water absorption tests, both the EZ Thick and the fumed silica both exhibited zero water gain after five days of immersion. We have also added wood flour. The EZ Thick and the wood flour stir into epoxy equally well and both are priced the same - 4 quarts (1 gallon) for $17. Also, our walnut anti-slip is now stocked in too different grain sizes.

We're replaced our high temp/chem resistant NOVA CLEAR with a new formulation, now called NOVA CLEAR 2. More gentle exotherm and longer potlife.

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Under "most amazing product' we would have to suggest our one part aluminum filled, moisture cured urethane (aluthane). What a primer, sealer, etc. Gives a galvanized look to surfaces. Really stops the rust cold and looks great as a primer or topcoat.

Finally, our epoxies saved a sinking yacht in Papua New Guinea. Read about it at

Possible new product in testing: a solvent free (100% solids) clear 2 part urethane. No epoxy yellowing, no solvent fumes, wet thickness equals dry thickness.

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