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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Bill Whalen and Nina Mattei, members of the TSCA Crystal River Boat Builders Chapter, discuss the fit of a centerboard into the case logs and posts . The chapter is building by hand (no power tools), with traditional materials (no plywood or goo), a 14ft Chesapeake sharpie. It will be launched sometime in April -- in time for the "BASH" -- a weekend celebration (April 23-25) of small boats in Crystal River, Florida.see: Bill Whalen

G'day Everybody,

I recieved an email today from a friend, with a link to Wooden Boat magazine where the Mushulu 14 was voted "Boat of the Week".


Mark Bowdidge

Sailing With Friends

Great sailing video


Recently on of my favorite pedal power sites was updated. It might provide you with some inspiration. Hope its useful


I guess it's been close to five years since I started talking about an idea for a little beachcruising cat with seating inside the hulls. It's been almost two years since Slider was launched and almost a year and a half since I started offering plans.

Dean Pacetti has finished a nice boat, and he launched Honu a couple of days ago. As far as I know, he's the first to complete this build. I've posted his pictures and remarks on Slider's blog. Ray

How about this "boat".


Print these on your letter size printer and tape them with clear packaging tape. Over lap slightly all the way around. Trim the edge with scissors. Walla...waterproof real Charts for almost nutton. Then tape into a fan fold or a book fold. You could even print both save paper and tape and space. Yeah, I'm cheep,cheep like a baby chicken.


I haven't seen this suggested. This might help tune your rig.

Regards - sysadmn

I completed my report on the tests of stretch and resiliency for three different weights of polytarp commonly used for sailmaking for low-cost home-built boats. The report is on my web site at

Dave Gray

Several videos have been posted by Kevin the video guy who attended last year.


Some nice photos of the contenders.


AC online.

David F. Hamilton

Models and play boats donated to the St. Mary’s Auction and gala 2/20/10.

Bob Guess

Survival Guide/Outside Online




My name is Joseph Buchanan, and my specialty is watercolor boat portraits. I also illustrate for Small Craft Advisor magazine.

Thanks so much,
Joseph Buchanan

Hi, I designed and built a two piece cedar strip canoe, you can see photos at . For further info you can email me at Thank you Jim Carsten

On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners.

...always interesting how the dates keep getting pushed back further and further!


Are you aware of the modified Bolger Birdwatcher build in Saskatoon? I saw a brief article about it one time in a magazine (Maybe Prairies North?) but the author never identified the actual design.


Check out the link.... How fast can a sailboat go?

Bill Tosh

We would like to very much thank Matt Broughton, the master who created and owns the site, for all his hard work and creativity in building us a great new i550 sportboat site. So go take a look and bookmark

Plans at Duckworks

Tim Reiter & Susan James
Watershed Sailboats

I read an interesting story this morning about 'Microburst' that caused a 188 ft boat sunk in 30 minutes. Here’s a link.

Captain of floating university: Sudden 'microburst' knocked ship onto side off Brazilian coast


I was browsing some books recently and came across "Rowed Trip" -- a self-told 4,300 mile trip which took the authors from Scotland to Syria in their self built rowboats/kayaks. What I found intriguing was that they stowed small boat dollies/trailers and folding bicycles on board and towed their boats and gear for significant miles on land. Here's their site. Ross

Might not be a money earner, but it is cool - and you can quote me on that. Peter Hyndman has been developing a range of merchandising for Storerboats. Each item is priced to make exactly a dollar profit which goes to buy pigs for villages and locally run orphanages etc. For iPhone users there are six free iphone wallpapers.


I thought you would like to see the progress on Kwan Yin our pathfinder. We are starting to rig her and paint her so maybe soon launch!

All the best

Robin & Phil



Video from the launch of Laguna Dos.


My prep for the Everglades Challenge.

Andrew Linn

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce you to (drum roll,please) the mighty Laguna Dos: Blue Laguna.


An excellent free library of wood working and metalworking subjects....

This is a short video our son Joe put together from video clips taken last fall at Lake powell. You will see Michael Storer in a few scenes.

The latest issue of MAIB magazine has Jim Thayer's story about this Kokopeli cruise.


I used to have an article about a Japaneese sailor who built his own boat and sailed around the world. I found this guy has a net diary so to speak of not only the same material that was in the mag article but even more.


Garth Battista of Breakaway Books has escaped! He towed his Cormorant and his family, between East Coast blizzards, from New York to Miami and is now acruisin' with them all in the Bahamas, etc.. He keeps an updated log at:

https://blog. mailasail. com/seafever

This I believe is the first instance of a Michalak design going off on a real voyage of some distance so has some significant historical value for all us dreamers.


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