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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

My favorite picture from all the Everglades Challenge photos.


Chris there's a picture of it at Bill's Flickr pages:

I just LOVE Wizards new boat.
This is a great shot!

Thanks for the photo's Bill




I like this one, from Windwalker's blog. It gives an even better sense of just how small it is. Wow!

Ted Major
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

I thought I'd start a new thread listing photos of the EC, UM and UF.
Please add to the list as you find new sources.

So far I've got:

Keep them coming.

I forgot this one!

(2 up in Elusion!)


This video also.


Toter 2 Video



Seen this?

and this



Vancouver Island 200 is a bit rougher than some other sailing events....

Hello. Invitation to participate in a new Blog. Replacing the old Bulletin Board at


Boat builders and owners may find this development to be of interest. A University of Utah bio-engineer has come to grips with the chemical content of the Caddis Fly larva's ability to glue bits of stuff together underwater and have it hang together in extremely fast moving streams.

Yes, once again, I'm posting an information piece about bio-based, renewable resource adhesives that might apply to boatbuilding in the near future. Hopefully, fresh developments of this sort will be able to take us away from a need to utilize petro-chemical sources for our boating interests.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design



Don't tell Rebecca, but here I go again!


CNN picked the brains of the Plastiki's crew members before they set off on the voyage. From the importance of the mission to a pint of Cornish cider, skipper Jo Royle tells CNN about her hopes and fears, how she plans to get through the voyage, and what she looks forward to most at the end of it.

Quite a good canoe video about an expedition in Northern Ontario at the youtube address below

You decide are they tough or lunatics

Richard Morin

I have just started a new Yahoo group: Western New York Messabout.


The March/April issue of Classic Yacht is here!

Epoxy in Australia. G'day All, Just thought I'd let everyone know that we are now FGI agents (FibreGlass Industrys). What this means for you is, we can supply all your epoxy resins/ hardeners/ glue powders/ Fairing compounds/ glass fibres (biax/ Double Bias/ cloths CSM, right down to carbon fibre. For those contemplating foam core or FRP construction or repairs, we can also supply all your requirements here as well.

All the above , plus so much more, we will be offering this at trade discount prices. So if your looking and shopping around for your fibreglass requirements, give us a call.


Just to let you (and perhaps your readers) know that there's now a new small wood trimaran available with detailed plans and an illustrated 70 page Build Manual.
The W17 is a folding plywood 17 footer with many attractive features, a modern rig and relatively high buoyancy amas (floats).

Mike Waters

Many will be familiar with the old Build-a-Boat Plans Handbook series of books. Some of the designs are available here.

Mike John



Wind on the water. Here are some designs by Bill Bates.



Really nice boats. He is a Civil Engineer, so he does really nice work.

Bill Tosh

Hello Arizona, S. California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah Puddle Duckers,

It’s time there were PD Racer events for those of us in the “Southwest Fleet” who don’t have the freedom to travel to Washington, Canada, Florida, the East Coast, or even East Texas.

Mathew Raikes

As ya'll know by now, the Laguna performed magnificently in the Everglades Challenge. I posted my write-up.


Here is a link to a You Tube video I put up showing how well a Micro sails - note the tiller held in a rack while the boat steers herself close-hauled in about 12knots of wind. The guy in the photo is Paul Hernes, for whom the original Phoenix III was designed.

Ross Lillistone

When a tree falls in the forest, but nobody comes along for 45,000 years, can you still hear it? Recipe for 'preserved wood' (not 'petrified' wood): take one dead tree, cover with enough mud or freezing water to keep oxygen out, wait. How long? Perhaps only 45 years, in the case of the Suriname hardwoods being harvested with underwater robot saws.

Or maybe around 100 years, for the millions of logs that sank in Lake Superior during logging operations, now being brought to the surface.

But the carbon dating of 45,000 years on the Kauri wood being 'logged' in New Zealand swamps and turned into furniture has these beat.



Summer (Well, what passes for summer in England) Fun.

Michael Connelly

Wasn't intending to, but made another little video at the weekend while attending the second Lake Hood Classic Boat Show which was organised by the Ashburton Sailing Club.

Dave Johnstone

Everglades Challenge

This page has a bunch of links to videos and albums.




Onward to the finish. The motor is bought, the Bimini is in, the cushions are being made. Oh! how I wish I could just snap my fingers and the finishing would be done. Smile


I'm still posting pictures of my Walkabout on Flickr. It's not quite up to date, but the only thing new is the boat is turned right side up and on the trailer. I'll put up some more pictures as the inside gets finished.


I'm keeping a building log of a Bufflehead Sailing Canoe on Facebook at the following link in case anyone is interested.


Adventures in Blogging

I have recently started blogging.

Chris Kleinfelter

Here's a link to my construction blog if you're interested.

I'm planning to build the Oz PDRacer next.

Tad Scheeler
Kalamazoo, MI

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