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Worlds largest solar powered ship.




Mike John

Here are plans for the "Sneaker" a footy model boat, 2006.

Mike John

I have just finished doing a rebuild of my Roar2 after an unfortunate accident involving falling ice. It also gave me a chance to add a new built-in rowing seat with storage. I've posted an article that the Duckworks readers might find interesting.


Check out Bearings: The Blog of The Center for Wooden Boats.


Chuck (USA) has just sent in his latest build pictures of his Sandy Strait 14. The latest build pictures of Tony's Cruise Control 5.2.


Started on the strawler.

Cheers Stewart

Here's our newest movie.


I ran across a fascinating American guy that lives in Thailand. He has built a catamaran and powered it with a very low cost longtail engine similar to those used in Thailand and Louisiana swamps, where they call them go Devils as they go like the devil through mud and weeds, etc. The builder has made several cruising videos of his boat in use on the rivers in Thailand and it looks like small boat heaven. The catamaran is fairly unusual and 18 feet long and 6 feet wide and can be sailed and goes 20 Knots under power and 10 Knots under sail. Builder says he can load on truck with one person! Video is one of many. Robb Moffett

Heron - Highlander 18


Bob W's great photos and explanation of the Dobler cartopping rig.


I wanted to let you know I finally put up a blog of my build pictures at:


Here is a well done video about a home built boat.


An interesting series I ran across on YouTube inspired by one of my favorite books and starring a nice wooden skiff on a trip up the Thames River...

Chuck Pierce

Video from Inside the Sausalito Super Yacht.


I don't know if you saw this...

But there's something about it.


Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention Webpage. The link is:


Hi Chuck,

My new website is:

James Brett

We don't need no stinkin' trailer.......!

Loading a jet ski. All the good stuff happens at the ramp.

Bruce Armstrong

Motorized Quick Canoe.


Drug sub imitation...... The shape is looking good it looks like one of those drug subs I see on the net. If it was loaded with two tons of drugs it would sink deep in the water like those subs so I think without the weight it will be a good sea boat. I think I have just given a idea to those sub builders and the drug barons. It would be nice if they the barons paid me for the idea. I aint into drugs so to be caught on the open sea in this thing I think I might get arrested. The full article can be read HERE. Stewart

Out on the water off Newport, Rhode Island in the first race of the Little America's Cup, Steve Clark's brand new Aethon, sailing with the solid wingsail from his 1996 Little America's Cup winnerCogito, suffered a cruel capsize.


Here's an additional Trilars link from Aaron Schindler.

Tom Raidna

G'day all, The latest design (The RipTide 457) plans are now finished and available.

Mark Bowdidge

Mark Bowdidge has opened a new section in his forum for fishing. Here is a sample.


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