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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Mythbusters build a boat out of paper and freeze it. Here's the video.

Mike John

Latest progress now on my blog:



First wooden boat: Michalak Piragua.

I started on this boat [membership required] about 10 days ago, working evenings after work and last weekend.


Rick Tatum

Here is a link to the first and only boat I have built. The plan was to use the boat as a tender for my 23' sailboat, but it turned out so nice, that is stands on it's own. it was fun and easy to build. The plans came from


Lots of things prevented this from happening earlier but I finally managed to make an update of me building my Navigator.

Enjoy, regards,

Wilfried Vermeiren

Oldshoe Build

Well, I've been looking at my plans for more than 3 years, and decided I better get started 'cause I'm not getting any younger.

I got my plans in May of 2006 from PB&F .

Aluminum in a word is awesome. And it's doable for a novice (me) even down to 1/8" sheet with $1K of MIG equipment. Here are the lessons I've been taught.


Here's a story about Burt Rutan and his Americas Cup boat.


Strip Planking

Steve Redmond has a good description of strip planking here.

Joe T

I shot this little vid a few weeks ago of the Naval Point Open Day and shelved it as Akaroa got in the way. Now it's cut, I thought you boat builders might like to know about it as you seemed to like the Akaroa one so much. Cheers, Dave J

Looking for a winter project I stumbled over the idea to make up a pair of oars for the navigator.

Browsing the net for drawings, not much to be found, I found the following link which gave some dimensions.

Wilfried Vermeiren

If you're not afraid of boat nuts, one of the high points of the Depoe Bay show is the great big group dinner upstairs at the Spouting Horn Friday night. Some boat show pics:

Set One - Set Two - Set Three

Depoe Bay isn't one of the biggest wooden boat shows, but it's one of the nicest. John Kohnen

Here's the link to the US Sailing website that has some cool calculators like sail area/displacement and a bunch of others.

Check it out.
John Boy


I put a web page together with links to both drift boat videos and the video of how to build it and a *.JPG of the open domain plans.

Larry Henry
Scottsburg Indiana

Pictures and a summary of Michael Storer's visit to Clint Chase's shop during his recent USA tour...

... And Michael has posted several podcasts on his blog - interviews and recordings of some of his talks.

This guy's a little extreme, but...


This news is kind of old, but I just ran across it. Ever wonder why waves can't pull muscles off of rocks? Some folks are figuring out what holds them on.


There was a discussion recently about bio based epoxy. Don't know if this product was mentioned or not but I just came across it. It is a FWIW mention. I don't have a clue if it is good for boatbuilding. I might try it on my house floor in the bathroom.


Pretty cool - a recyclable yacht! I often wonder what's eventually going to happen to all those aging fiberglass hulls out there.



I just ran across a film at called "The Seabright Skiff: Working on the Jersey Shore."  This may be old to you and other Duckworks readers, but it was new to me.  If you haven't seen it, prepare yourself for a real treat.

Brett Bullington

Thought I'd send out a picture of a VERY different sailboat (?). 
John Nystrom

Dave Lamoureux’s kayak, named Fortitude, must be the only one in Massachusetts registered as a motor vessel. That’s because a powerboat registration is required to get a permit to fish for tuna here....

... His most recent catch, on Nov. 5, was a 157-pound bluefin, a record tuna for an unassisted kayak fisherman, and a near record over all...

... topped only by a 183-pound halibut caught by Howard McKim, an Alaskan, in 2004.

Hope all is well in your world. The lakes are frozen over up here and I am reduced to planning for next year again with UgoIgoToo safely parked in the garage for the winter. I just came across this video on the Never Sea Land blog. I don't think they'd haul enough supplies to do a TX200 though so what good are they really? ;-)

A resource that I find very helpful is It will give you weather, wind, current, tide, forecasts up to 7 days in every possible "graphic format" that you can think of.

John Wright

Hey Chuck,
This may be of interest to you and some of your readers. We are now making traditional hardware for small boats. All of our items are handmade right here at Platypus Boats of seasoned Ash and Purpleheart and were designed specifically for small boats (and small boat sailors). This gear is ideal for boats up to 20' and makes a great gift.

Each year I do a calendar from photos submitted to me by Columbia Yacht Owners. I assemble a free download PDF. The 2010 is now available. Did I mention it's free?

Paul Esterle
Freelance Boating Writer
"Capt'n Pauley's Place" Podcast #149 Simple Sailor 2

Roger Taylor author of "Voyages of a Simple Sailor" tells us about his northern voyage and a great story about an amazing whale encounter.

Hey, Chuck, want to award this guy an 'honorary 200+ certificate"?


Dear Chuck,
I have been co-editor of the ASH BREEZE for a year, now. It is the quarterly print journal of the Traditional Small Craft Association steadily published since 1976. Recent issues of the ASH BREEZE are available at the Association website, This is our first issue that experiments with color cover.
Mike Wick

A quick note to any of you who may have an interest - I've just put up two new articles on my website,

Chris Ostlind


I saw this on the internet.  Classic British precision and analytical writing (!) but you might find it worthy of the website. Small can be beautiful.

Paul Austin

Folks in small sail boats kayaks and similar vessels might want to avoid this area....:^)


Here’s my corner of the small boat world:

And thanks for the years on enjoyable reading,

Russ Manheimer

This is the website of a fellow who built this plywood boat with a jet drive, with a plan to sail from Missouri through rivers to the Great Lakes, through the St Lawrance to the Atlantic, down the east coast, through the Caribean, and into the heart of S America via rivers. BIG PLAN!!!!! He's left off his blog in Feb this year in Key West, after several years (5 I think, part time) who knows what's next!

This is my Lake Powell trip report for the Houston Canoe Club newsletter in January.

John Rich

Hi Chuck,

I got an interesting e-mail a while back from some fellas in Florida building the Chapelle sharpie I wrote up for MAIB and Duckworks some time ago.

Craig O'Donnell

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