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Motor Boating in Popular Mechanics

Mike John

Great outrigger site.

Mike John

This is how you do it, right?



I can't believe he is really going to enjoy "boating" in this thing that much. The old "water line is inversely proportional to the joy/use of a boat", but for 400-800 million he better enjoy it or else!


Wooden Boat Show pics are up.

Andrew Linn

Hope all is well with you. A friend sent me a link to a video which I really enjoyed and thought you would too. It's a site about a bloke sailing around the UK in a 19 foot boat but the quality of the vids are really excellent and there is a lot of interesting info and history about the places he visits. Very well done indeed. Don't know if you have time to watch it but recommended.

Cheers Benjy

Following are three links explaining stuff we don't need to know written in language that we can understand.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

I picked them up in a thread about building a light concrete proa. johninbastrop

SportzMaster 19 (Power) being built by Con. Nice job!

Mark Bowdidge, Sportzmaster 19 Design

Paulownia timber supplies in Oz.

Paulowina timber supplies in USA.

There is an interesting discussion on strip planking at Mark's forum. Mark Bowdidge is giving us our say on the development of a new design, his 16ft offshore Centre Console fishing boat.

Mike John

New discussion about a new fishing Kayak design. The plans will be released as an ebook with build text and pictures.

Mike John

The responsible thing to do, but still...

Michael Connelly

Sad news, none-the-less reasonable decision..




Yes, but she's still going around! John Vigor had a prescient commentary comparing Abby's and Jesse Watson's approaches in his March 28 entry.

Jeff Michals-Brown

Is this likely to come ashore in the T200 area?


Nice site on Classic Wooden boats.

I've been very slack with my build due to major home improvements going on. I've got the boat more or less ready for the decks which I hope to tackle this weekend.

I've loaded some more photos if you're interested which can be seen here.


I just posted a couple of videos shot during a sail in Slider that my wife Nancy and I took Easter afternoon. It relates somewhat to the issues we've been discussing regarding Slipper. In the first video, I demonstrate how little weather helm Slider has while sailing to windward in a fresh breeze. Either that, or I've got really strong fingers. Second video. Ray

Free versions of Sailing Alone Around the World.


Plain Text



What's going on beneath the sea? A graphic explanation of the fight to shut off the oil leak.

Holy shit Batman!


Christmas in springtime: The Plastiki finds land. More than a month after the Plastiki set sail from San Francisco, the six-person crew has made it to Christmas Island, nearly marking the halfway point of the ship's journey to cross the Pacific Ocean.



Ahoy Chuck,

Here's cool:



How to build a model yacht, 1905.

Mike John

How to make a paddle boat, 1907.

Mike John

Malibu Outrigger plans, 1958. I think the gap between the gaff and the mast interesting. It allows for adjusting the Centre of Effort it seems.

Mike John

An interesting online tide clock. Seems to work for most places in the world.

Mike John

Some cool Boating maps - NSW, Australia.

Mike John

Free ebook - Knots, Splices and Rope Work.

Mike John


Mike John

G'day Everyone,
Going like mad with 4 new designs on the board (16ft Offshore Console, Shoreline 7000 and the 18 ft Bass Boat). Just thought I'd give a sneak preview of this new design. I'll bring updates as they occur. Interested in comments. Regards
Mark Bowdidge

Ron from the trailer sailors has put a lot of pictures on their site. Click on the below link and see all of the boats. He actually tells you who they are. Shortcut to:

Shortcut to a lot of Cedar Key pictures. Dave Lucas

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