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If you know of something that would be of interest, please send me a link -

Interesting website for those interested in models of tall ships, A & J class pond yachts and restoration work.

Boat related, 5 part piece on narco-subs.


Article in the online edition of Soundings.

John Kohnen

I finished the keel of fafnir, 260 kilos. I used scrap metal in a mold then poured lead to make the breeks. Pictures at or google [kalamos fafnir].


How to make a cruising catamaran from Oct, 1909.

Mike John

A simple steamboat model from April, 1910.

Mike John

The Voyage Alone in the Yawl "Rob Roy", by John MacGregor, 1893.

And, Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome [1889?].

And, The Lifeboat by R.M. Ballantyne [1872?].

Mike John

FOOTY Class R/C Sailboat plans.

Mike John

Video of AF3 at river Hoho. And more of rivertrip.


Please have a look at It is basically the skeleton of the (still) forthcoming book "Wooden Workboats of Viet Nam" I've been working on for the past five years. A lot of the photos and the basic thread of the thesis are there. My Lady Wife has done a lovely job at putting all my stuff together on the site. . .I'm tickled. Ken Preston

I added some pics to the photos section, under the title "Rushton's Igo Canoe". She's a SOF modification of Rushton's Igo design - a more stable hull shape than either the similar Ugo or the Arkansaw Traveller. 15' x 30" with Western Red Cedar stringers, steam bent Ash ribs, Redwood trim and a tough, heavy gauge vinyl skin.

Dave Gentry

My daughter sent me this link, excerpt from a BBC series. They have stuff on British TV that folks like us would love to see but never will.


To see pictures of all of the action at the last few St. Michaels small craft festivals click on this site. Barry Long is a professional picture guy and sailor. Here is his collection of hundreds of pictures taken, you may even see me in some of them. He's trying to finish up two of the smaller 13 foot "training" melonseeds. You'll see them there this year.


Larry is currently building another Devlin design called the Winter Wren and has a blog here:


I finally made a new webpage to show off my underwater camera housings and wanted to know if you would like to link. It is at Http:// I also have most of the video of my DVD How To make Low Cost Underwater camera Housings and Bags on youtube now that people can watch for free.


We finally got round to filming folding and unfolding the Concertina. You can see it at:

We have also fixed a problem with paypal for customer using IE.

Martin Roberts

The Extreme Sailing Series renowned for delivering sailing action direct to the public will bring together top racing and music entertainment in a great line-up for the UK round at Cowes Week. The ground-breaking circuit, organised by OC Events, continues to push the boundaries of sailing as an entertainment product, whilst maintaining the highest level of sporting integrity, packaged together with on- shore entertainment under OC's new label 'Sailing RocksT'. Check out the latest new promo video to see why this circuit is sailing's hottest property.

Wanna see a spectacular death roll? These are the Fremantle guys from South Afrika. Fantastic bunch of crazy laser sailors. (And you can't reef those sails; so they are riding their lasers with full sail up in gusts up to 45 knots! First one is a run from Rockingham to Fremantle in 35 knots: Very cool pitchpole at :45, Death roll in background right at 1:15; death roll at 2:18 looks like he recuperated. Second vid is fooling around in the harbor with gusts up to 45 knots. Death roll at 1:38. And who said sailing didn't have enough action?!? Hajo

DIY drawings for the Lazy Weekend canoe are up. This is bare bones and free, I am considering doing a poor imitation of a Storer style downloadable How To manual and selling it for $20. Does anyone think there'd be interest in that? (I can't see why anyone would need more than this, but some people . . .)


5-10mph winds with some hefty gusts here and there.... had to reef the sail, almost ditched a few times. Here's some video of my PDR towing 2 kayaks! One and Two. Tom

William Bates My new website: All friends and family are invited to visit and leave a comment in my Guest Book!

My name is Gianfi. I have this blog
I want to tell you the great news of today that is Alessandro with his
mini6,50 is arrived in France!


Chuck has just sent in his latest build pictures of his Sandy Strait 14 and Eddie has just uploaded his latest build pictures of his Cruise Control 5.2. And there is pics of: Con's Mushulu 14, Tony's Cruise Control and Wazza's Mushulu 12.

Mark Bowdidge

I recently built a kit version of the 'Janette' design by John Welsford. My client has a blog of his continuing assembly, with some recent posts:

Here's another blog from the construction of a Welsford boat.

David G, Harbor Woodworks

Work Skiff

I have posted a blog about the current state of the build:

David Jost

If any of you are familiar with my previous method of doing picture essays, please give me feedback on how you like this new, everything one one page format. I'd gotten into making slideshows when most people had dial-up connections to the internet - having more than one picture on a page increased download time. I've heard people don't like slideshows any more, but I don't know if that is true or just 'internet hipsters' complaining.


Saturday, a four man rowing crew (pictures) broke the 114 year old record for rowing across the Atlantic.



Time lapse.


Yet still more video of the 2010 Texas 200 taken by my friend Noel Nichols.

Chuck Pierce

I was looking on youtube to see if I could find videos of anyone making a tin canoe ala Robb white and ran across a group in Australia doing amazing things with tin by looking at their videos. Looks dirt cheap and they are having a ball. Wish they would post construction details.

Robb Moffett

Please have a look at my site: It has a link to a youtube video, and you can find more videos on Snap-Gate when searching. Tom Luque

You might find this website documenting the current build of a Percy W. Blandford PBK 18 kayak to be of interest for the next Webwatch.


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