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The Web has been very busy of late, so we have added and Extraordinary May Webwatch. Enjoy!

Jodie Nelson paddles for Breast Cancer Awareness on a 40 mile stand-up paddle crossing the open Pacific, and a whale escorts her - a VERY CLOSE escort under, beside, in front, all around. They named the whale Larry. Here is the slideshow Here is some video


A Man, a Plan...


Joining the Modern Era. In an attempt to join the modern era of communication I have started a blog dealing with issues of boat building so I invite any and all responses. Go to: https://blackguillemot. wordpress. com/

Chris Stickney, C. Stickney Boatbuilders Ltd, St. George ME

Gunkholin Easter Weekend

And one youtube video:


Short clip of John Eisenlohr's wing boat, and my moment of glory. More to follow.....

Dave Farmer

Here are some stills, my boat is the little red and yellow one, seen from many angles!

Dave Farmer

Here's a link to NOAA's experimental, download and print chart booklets... could be the next best thing since peanut butter!

I'm headed for the nearest printshop!

Fair Winds,


Does a 48-day voyage in an open boat with only 25 days' worth of rations sound like your idea of an adventure? FULL STORY


I thought your members might enjoy this item of leisure boating history from a British Pathe Pictorial of 1955. In Britain, in the days before TV ruled, Pathe newsreels were an essential part of any cinema programme. Cheers


Check out this video of our klub outing last w-end just east of Montreal. These guys are the hottest of the hot up here. On a couple of shots these guys are surfing with not a care in the world above Class IV drops. I hate to admit it but the only canoe that dumped in the run and had a wet exit was me. However I feel redeemed in that they are in there 30 s and younger and I hit 50 this year. RM Montreal Canada

You can buy all issues of Woodenboat as digital downlaods...pdf files...from their website.



Anybody here speak Castilian? If you do, you'll be in a better position than most of us to enjoy this short documentary about Ben Crawshaw and his Light Trow named Onawind Blue!

I'm amazed and dumbfounded by it all, naturally... Gav


This was Sunday on lake Bastrop. just click on this link.


Some nice boats starting about halfway through the 10 minute film.


When I built my last boat I found it very helpful to have a collection of other builds to look at, and in turn there seemed to be some interest in mine, so I'll include a link here to my Flickr navigator set in case my humble efforts could be of use to other Navigator builders here.

It's not a big set yet because I only started a few weeks ago, but it will grow! Rob

Not exactly small boat stuff... But if you're anything like me you are a bit of a dreamer and pine for that lush tropical island just off the stern, the crystal clear turquoise blue water in the lagoon and that cheap bottle of rum.

Here's two to wet that whistle! One Two Don't waste too much time!


In case it interests your viewers, there's also a new (free) review of 9 small sailing tris now posted on my website, written in my rather typical 'direct approach' ;-) Go to

Happy boating !

Stirling engine drive boats!


Waaaay last minute, but here's a link to a page on my website concerning Rich's Power Pelican.


Two Ducks had their shake down cruises yesterday in Bastrop @ NorthShore Park. One of them was mine T.I.A.B #398 and the other was Lezlie Henson"s Iduck. Mine is a modified Shorty Simple 18 and her's is a Storer Oz. Just thought I'd let you know of the latest Ducky Adventures...

Kevin M. Allison


Have you found another site for the boat show? Chuck check out this site...very nice and he did a great article about Pandion.


In case you have not seen it. Simple Oars.

Mike John

Thought I'd catch up after finishing my Waller 540. The Waller was a great success, incidentally- although a bit of a handful when I'm alone. Here's a link to some videos.

Regards, Rob Ditterich

Boat auction just concluded in England. You really have to page through these wonders... and try not to drool, will you.

Chris Ostlind
Lunada Design

Hey, I have a full-length blog on building my Goat Island Skiff at:

I'd love to have you list it.


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